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In 1946, Salvador Dalí collaborated with Walt Disney animators on Destino, a surrealist animation that was storyboarded but scrapped due to budgetary concerns. Destino wouldn’t be finished until 2003, when Roy Disney resurrected the project.

The six-minute short follows the love story of Chronos and the ill-fated love he has for a mortal woman. The story continues as the woman dances through surreal scenery inspired by Dalí’s paintings. There is no dialogue, but the soundtrack includes music by the Mexican composer Armando Dominguez.

Long before he found fame with the Muppets, Jim Henson made a name for himself in the world of advertising with Wilkins and Wontkins, producing a pretty violent series of commercials who showed what happens when you drink too much coffee, or not enough.

Backstage footage is great to play for those music fans who claim that there’s little music videos to watch these days. Even the most normal duties and conversations are looked upon as sacred ground for those who don’t have access to what happens behind the scenes. Here are Jimmy Page, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler backstage at the Monsters of Rock, Donington Park, August 18th 1990, and then live on stage performing ‘Train Kept a-Rollin’.

Don’t Flop Entertainment organizes rap battles…with a twist. As most rap battles are insult-fests, this battle has a twist: you can only compliment your opponent. 8 Mile and Eminem would have turned out a bit different…

I love The Stones, make no mistake, they never disappoint. And I realize sometimes after singing a hit song for a few decades, hundreds of times a year, singers tend to blend in the words, making it crucial listening to figure out what they’re really saying. In Mick Jagger’s case performing Jumping Jack Flash in Paris from 1976, he’s still being the greatest frontman in history, while delivering an emotional substance, showing that just sometimes it’s not the words that are important, but the sounds.

“Yah Awa bo anna craw fah huh cay Anna ho alamo in a try ray Buh ah ray ah now yeah and fad is a gay Oh ray now, a jumpin jay flay sa gas gas gah. Ah wa lay bah a toodleh beedeh hay. Ah wa sko wid a strap rahda craws ma bah. Bahda oh ray now en fad is a gay. Buh oh ray now jumpin jah flah sa da ga ga geh”

In 1987, Dr. Timothy Leary was hied by MTV to be a guest VJ. The good doctor had more than a few things to say than the usual tour date listings or gossip about artists – Here’s his set up for David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”:

Now this is a real heavy one—I don’t know what this means. It has something to do with the third world and the exploitation by the first world and our hopes that the third world will get behind the camera and start becoming part of the cybernetic age. I don’t know. Watch it and make up your own mind. It’s a good tune.