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In the late summer, and early fall of 1995 saw the release of Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, and GZA’s Liquid Swords, which would turn out to be the group’s two most significant and well-received solo projects. Cuban Linx was a diverse, theatrical criminological epic that saw RZA move away from the raw, stripped-down beats of the early albums and towards a richer, cinematic sound more reliant on strings and classic soul samples. The album is highly notable in that it revived, and expanded the Mafioso rap subgenre, which started to decline several years beforehand. Lavish living and the crime underworld are referenced throughout using quotes from the John Woo movie The Killer, with the mystique of the Wu-Tang Clan deepened by the adoption of crime boss aliases and the crew name Wu-Gambinos. GZA’s Liquid Swords had a similar focus on inner-city criminology akin to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, but it was far darker, both in GZA’s grim lyrics and in the ominous, foreboding production that saw RZA experimenting more with keyboards than ever before. Liquid Swords features guest appearances from every Wu-Tang Clan member, and is linked together by excerpts from the movie Shogun Assassin.

Raekwon stopped by the eOne Music Canada offices to talk about his favourite films, and plans for the future.

For 25 years, the Blue Man Group has blurred the thin blue lines between music, theater, performance, visual art and invention. As a percussion-based spectacle, part of their appeal has always been primal banging on knotty tangles of PVC tubes, the furious whipping of airpoles and the thunderous pounds on a big drum they lovingly call “the Big Drum.” Their mostly instrumental third album, Three, just released on Rhino Records, is a feast of such sonic ingenuity, a showcase of home-brewed instruments like the snorkelbone and the chimeulum honking and sparkling over rhythms redolent of contemporary EDM.

As an artist, Frank Zappa had famously always done whatever the hell he wants. As a comedian, John Belush had taken the same risks. So when Zappa appeared as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live in December 1976 to perform “Purple Lagoon” anything could have happened. And did. Belushi went ahead and jumped into the band, started a call-and-response routine, and then attempted to play the sax.

Zappa came back in 1978 as host and musical performer again, and this time, performed “St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast” and “Rollo.” Where’s Belushi? Just wait until the 1-minute mark…

The series of out-takes behind the closing credits of ‘Being There’ — the Peter Sellers classic — must be one of the funniest sequences on film. The uploader have included a couple of clips from the body of the movie to provide some context. The premise is that Sellers, a simple-minded gardener who has lived his life in his employer’s mansion, is forced to leave when the employer dies. He has no experience of the world outside, other than television. (Note his attempt to use his TV remote to change the channel of reality.)

The Monkees have returned with their new single, written by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. ‘She Makes Me Laugh’ is the lead single from new album ‘Good Times!’. ‘Good Times!’ is the band’s first album since 1996’s ‘Justus’ and the 2012 passing of member Davy Jones. The band will be commemorating their 50th anniversary with a tour starting next month.

With the new single, let’s take a look back at the time when a bunch of aspiring musicians, including 19-year-old Davy Jones whoanswered a casting call for “4 insane boys” interested in acting in an as-yet unnamed TV series. Davy answers questions asked by an off-screen interviewer about his height, his fashion choices, and his success with the girls.

It would be two years later that Prince would reach superstar status with the release of Purple Rain, but this black-and-white taped live performance from 1982 at New Jersey’s Capitol Theatre shows just how good he was – he’s effortlessly captivating, and with a sense of just how much better he’d get.

You can come back to the 30-movie mashup of “Movie Coach Super Speech” of the iconic motivational speeches of all time whenever you’re getting ready for a big test, a final game, or just another stressful day at the office. It’ll be here for you. Because you’re awesome. There’s NOBODY else we want out there tackling whatever you’re gonna face. Those guys have NOTHING on you, big man or woman, because YOU’VE! GOT! THIS!

Now get out there and show them what you’re made of!