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Steve answers questions related to success in the music industry at his Private Sessions Event at Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. The audience included 10 courageous and talented guitarists who were hand picked by Steve to attend as part of a contest through Guitar Center. The big takeaway? Steve stresses the importance of identifying exactly what you want out of your life and music career.

Robert Lewis, who has Down Syndrome, is the team manager for the basketball team of Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. In the final minutes of a game against the University School of Nashville, he put himself into the game to play.

Guarding him on the opposing team was Matthew, his own brother. Robert got the ball with seconds left on the clock. Because you’re reading this here, you know what happens next.

Class move on both teams and the fans for the aftermath.

What advice would you give your younger self?
There are good people in the music business, but there are a lot of horrible, stupid people, too. In 1984, I had just moved to L.A. I had a meeting with this guy at, I think, Columbia Records. He said, “You have a lot of potential, but you need to work on your songs. None of them have bridges.” After the meeting, I got out my Bob Dylan and Neil Young albums. I said, “These songs don’t have bridges either. So fuck that guy.”

What misperceptions did you have about the business?
I used to think talent was all it took. But now I think it’s 50 percent talent and 50 percent drive. I’ve seen people who were brilliant but don’t want to tour or do whatever it takes. How many times do you read about an artist who had a record deal in the Seventies, and now they’re working as a carpenter somewhere? They’re all bitter and cynical: “Nobody understands my music anymore.” No, it’s because you fucked up your career!


In “The Lottery of Life“, the School of Life explains how most people live in thinking they will one day be successful in their personal and professional lives, regardless of the odds – like a lottery – aren’t always in their favour. We tend to look patronisingly at people convinced they might win the lottery. But we often harbour equally misguided hopes for our romantic and professional lives.

We may not have a sense that we’re playing any kind of luxury and yet we are the lottery of life. We too are clutching tickets of various kinds and setting our sights on statistical near miracles even while we think we’re being utterly sober rational level-headed the crucial place where this lottery like behavior happens is in relation to our hopes of happiness into areas in particular love and work. …Our imagined society is likely to contain many more murders rabid dogs man-eating sharks and beautiful happy people than the real world does. Our mental map of how much contentment is possible defies all the known facts. If we could really see what love and work would be like for most other people, we would be so much less sad about our own situation and attainments. If we could fly across the world and peer into everyone’s lives and minds like an all-seeing angel, we’d perceive how very frequent disappointment is. How much unfulfilled ambition is circulating. How much confusion and uncertainty is being played out in private.

I am almost useless around the house when it comes to fixing stuff. There are no starting-off points with me, either. And while you’ll never know when you’ll need to make a pair of speakers out of some strips of paper, this video will help you win points with your family or housemates. If you figure out how to do it, don’t worry about telling me how to do it, I still won’t be able to.

A new Starbucks location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is providing a unique employment opportunity to people who are deaf.

Starbucks Malaysia partnered with the Society of Interpreters for the Deaf, which advocates for equal rights for the deaf community, to open the store on Wednesday. This Starbucks location offers jobs to people who are deaf, and also makes ordering easier for deaf customers.

The store hired ten deaf baristas, but it caters to customers of all hearing abilities. Deaf customers can use sign language to order drinks of their choice and those who don’t know sign language can use a menu card to write their order.