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Did you know they don’t have cookies in the UK? What is Cookie Monster supposed to do when he’s staying at the Furchester Hotel if there are no cookies? Is he supposed to just eat biscuits? John Oliver explains.

Astounding is when something is so amazing, it catches you by surprise. For example, making a penny disappear, pulling a Dinosaur out of a hat, and turning Ice Cube into an Ice Cube are all astounding magic tricks you can watch in this video.

Astounding also means when Ice Cube is on Sesame Street. The greatest MC of all time. Sesame Street. NWA. Sesame Street.

Aziz Ansari and Grover want to explain today’s vocabulary word in stove pipe hats and chicken costumes. Would you say that’s a bit silly? Super silly? You’re right. That’s actually ridiculous, which is also today’s word! Treat yourself to this ridiculous video.

Elmo is with his good friend, Lupita. They are talking about all the great things about their skin. For example, Elmo’s skin just happens to be very ticklish. Lupita’s skin happens to be a beautiful brown color. Skin can come in all different shades and colors. Isn’t skin just the best? However, ticklish or smooth or black or brown or white or tan, be sure to love the skin you are in.

A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away…Princess Parfaita was taken prisoner by the evil Galactic Empire and had to be saved by a group of unlikely heroes including the young Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie.

Are you thinking that maybe you want to be an astronaut, or an author, or a scientist or a doctor? That’s great! And maybe you’re not quite up to speed on the centrifugal force of the moon or how many bones are in your arms, but if you believe in yourself, you’ll get there. That’s the power of yet. You might not be ready for outer space yet, but just work hard and keep your eye on the prize and you’ll get to where you want to be!

“A Lovely Sunny Day” is a cool song by Mashable Video about getting offline and going outside. Performed by actor Zachary Levi and featuring Sesame Street characters as Bert and Grover, the catchy tune will want you to put down your electronics to go and enjoy a nice day outside. Ironic for a site like Mashable, and posted from me.

Every day I sit right there, sit and stare and check my Facebook, Email, Instagram
Chatting with my friends and making plans. But on days with lots of sun
I say goodbye to everyone online and say hello,
Cuz I know there’s a place where all the bees are always buzzing
’bout the flowers they have seen
And every tree is trending, I don’t miss my little screen
Because the sky won’t need a filter and the birds tweet just to say:
You should really take a walk on this lovely sunny day.

The greatest number lover’s convention is coming to Sesame Street this year! Big Fan of the number 5? number 2? The dark number 9? Well then come on down to Sesame Street to join the fun at Numericon!