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Sesame Street

Keith Haring, the visual artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war, might not be on the top of your list to create spots for Sesame Street, and you’re right – in a way. The animations were in fact made after his death by Bill Davis, with the approval of the Keith Haring Foundation.

Keith Haring: Babies and Dogs.

It’s a TV-shaped dog. Or is it a dog-shaped TV?

One day you’re going to be in your school’s science fair and you will have to create a diagram to show how something like a volcano or a car or a cloud works. Luckily for you, you watch Sesame Street and have seen this video with Claire Danes and Cookie monster explaining what in the world a diagram is to begin with.

So you draw a guy but instead of a head you give him a circle up on top of his shoulders and you make a window for him to see out of. Then you give him a flag to carry with stars and stripes. Give him a special neat-o space pack on his back too, and have him standing by all the craters on the Moon’s surface. Yeah yeah, he’s really looking like an astronaut now!

Did you know they don’t have cookies in the UK? What is Cookie Monster supposed to do when he’s staying at the Furchester Hotel if there are no cookies? Is he supposed to just eat biscuits? John Oliver explains.