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Change is constant – not a bad thing – at an ever-accelerating pace. Consider Public Relations, for example: the way things were have changed and there is a need to be at the forefront of technological advancements, social media activities and consumption. When it comes to PR and ‘names in the news’ regarding the music and entertainment industry, one name comes up as a true authority, time after time.

Eric Alper. Yes…That Eric Alper.

This is for one very good reason – he’s living a life-long passion by promoting the music industry for one reason – he loves it. The love that Eric has for music is in his blood. His grandfather, Al, opened the doors of the iconic Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto’s first licensed blues bar, in 1943. It is hailed as the city’s longest-running live music venue. As a young boy Eric understood that the love of live music and the essential socializing that goes with it, is universal. It became an obsession of his own, furthered along by working in record stores, fostering a deep, boundary-free love affair with all genres of music. Self-described as a “fan first”, Eric’s observation that people live to consume music was further cemented by attending countless live shows. Here was one young music junkie who realized he had build his career connecting people to the joy of music in all its forms.

For the past 20+ years, Eric has been at the forefront of the Canadian entertainment industry – making the Public in Public Relations his business. His enthusiasm, encyclopedic knowledge of the past and present have made him the go-to music commentator for CTV, Rogers, Bell, Shaw and Evanov. He is also host of one of the top-rated SiriusXM shows “ThatEricAlper”. With over one million followers, friends and connections across his social media platforms, it’s clear to understand why he has been named a “must follow” by Billboard, Paste and National Post among others.

Eric quite naturally gravitated towards the “relations” part of Public Relations. He has built his career upon the quality of the relationships that he has nurtured over the years – creating them, cultivating and maintaining them, growing each of them – and keeping them. Eric knows how to promote his artists, because behind every good PR person is the fact that he works with his clients on a continuous basis, deepening the relationship with each and every show, release and project. Artists are storytellers and Eric tells their stories. He does this with the skills of a seasoned PR storyteller, powered by his unbridled enthusiasm for music and the relationship that he holds with each artist. That’s where the magic comes in. Anybody can work with somebody once. That Eric Alper knows what he’s doing and has the client roster to prove it.

From basic strategies to major campaigns; from bio construction to news launches; from press conferences to all-out social media blitzes – Eric Alper is a true veteran who applies all the advantages of his seasoned professional experience to his clients on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’ll find him – literally – out there where the music is. Because that’s where he loves to be.

Contact Eric for your music and entertainment needs for:
Canadian traditional print, television, radio and online publicity campaign
Canadian Tour Publicity for target/ region-specific outreach as well as nationally broadcasted media placements
Online Publicity for editorial, reviews, product features and promotions/giveaways
PR campaigns for all formats of radio in Canada, including interviews and promotions/giveaways
Social media custom content plans to keep your audience interested and loyal to your brand.
Consulting for music and video releases, tours, advertising, start up record label and distribution networks
Experienced in rock to pop to metal to children’s to blues to jazz to folk and everything in between

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Eric Alper
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