John Bonham’s Isolated Drum Track for “Fool In The Rain” and “Whole Lotta Love”

Led Zeppelin’s Fool In The Rain from their 1979 album, In Through the Out Door was the final U.S. single released during the band’s tenure, reaching number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1980. The main section is in 12/8 meter; this section employs an unusual 6-over-4 polyrhythmic groove, with the piano and bass playing 6 beats per measure and the melody (and parts of the drum kit) playing 4 beats per measure. The result is that most of the instruments appear to be playing quarter-note-triplets against the swing of the melody and drum kit. Drummer John Bonham plays a shuffle beat similar to the “Purdie shuffle” rhythm attributed to session drummer Bernard Purdie, along with a samba-style breakdown. A master drum track shows that the samba breakdown (2:25) was recorded separately.

Via Wikipedia

…and here’s Whole Lotta Love: