Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” Isolated Tracks

Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” was produced by Colin Thurston for the group’s second studio album Rio in 1982, and didn’t explode at the offset, despite it being a classic song today. When the band initially failed to break into the US market, the band decided to take another tack – create one of the most spectacular music videos – ever. MTV placed the “Hungry Like the Wolf” video into heavy rotation, pushing the song to #3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 1983, and Duran Duran became an international sensation.

“That track came from fiddling with the new technology that was starting to come in”, guitarist Andy Taylor said in an interview with Blender magazine. They joined a Roland TR-808 drum machine with a sequencer and a Roland Jupiter-8 keyboard.

Rhodes came up with an idea for the backing track in the car while he was going to the studio. He started playing with the Roland Jupiter 8 keyboard, while singer Simon Le Bon was working with the lyrics. The lyrics were inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, and the repeating of the word “do” at the end of each verse takes its melody from the instrumentals in Gordon Lightfoot’s song “If You Could Read My Mind”. Andy Taylor worked out a Marc Bolan-ish guitar part, a very Marshall-sounding Les Paul guitar lick that was added to the track. Then the bass and drums were added, and the whole track was finished that day, including Le Bon’s vocal melody and lyrics. The song became new, fresh, radical, infectious, and the isolated tracks show just how masterful the members were at their instruments.

By the way, the laugh at the beginning of the song and the screams during the song’s fade-out were performed and recorded live by Rhodes’ girlfriend at the time.

Andy Taylor’s Isolated Guitar:

John Taylor’s Isolated Bass Track:

Roger Taylor’s Isolated Drum Track:

Nick Rhodes’ Keyboard Track: