Kurt Cobain’s Isolated Vocals from Nirvana’s “School” and “On A Plain”

Kurt Cobain claimed that most of the lyrics for their 1989 Bleach album were written the night before recording while he was feeling “pissed off”, and that he did not regard them highly. In the end, producer Jack Endino billed the band thirty hours of recording at $606.17.

“School”, the second song on Bleach, features only four lines of lyrics, and was a critique of the Seattle music scene, particularly Sub Pop.

“On a Plain” was written by Kurt Cobain in 1990. It was first recorded in the studio on January 1, 1991 by Craig Montgomery in Seattle, Washington, and ended up the second-to-last song on their Nevermind album.

http://youtu.be/rBSXgCuvZ5Y (on a plain)