The Music Industry’s Most-Loved Albums Of All Time, Part 27

This is part 27 of an ongoing series where the kind folk of the music business reveal their favourite album of all time.

Ask people in the music industry the seemingly simple and straightforward question, “What is your favourite album of all time?” and you’ll find that it’s not always easy. After all, my industry peers listen to hundreds of albums a month – thousands of songs during that time. Because the question isn’t the best album of all time – the one that’s made them the most money in sales – but the one release they personally can’t live without, that one title they have two copies of in several formats, in case one breaks. It’s also about that album that for them has the best back stories and the one that has the most meaning in their lives.

Keith Sharp, Editor, Music Express
The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd


It’s the most perfect, thematic, progressive rock album ever! I think there are only eight tracks on the record but there is a hypnotic flow from beginning to end, impossible to download out of sequence without losing the record’s impact plus Pink Floyd has that one huge single, Money. A record I could listen to endlessly without ever getting bored with it.

Olivia D’Orazio, Founder; Editor-in-Chief, Raz Mataz Magazine
Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt


It was the first album outside of generic teen-fare music that really spoke to me. I remember everything about that moment: where I was (my cousin’s basement), how old I was (12). I remember thinking how cool Gwen Stefani looked on the cover, with her red dress and matching lips. I was obsessed with how quickly she could sing the lyrics in ‘Spiderwebs’, how strong she sounded in ‘Just a Girl’, and how heartbroken she sounded in ‘Don’t Speak’. Even now, the album touches me. I can relate more literally to all of the moments on it – love lost and the like. The music is still catchy and I fall in love with different details in each song the more I listen, and my favourite track seems to change as shift through different phases in life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this album.

Alan Ranta, Freelance Music Writer
Queen of the Wave, Pepe Deluxé

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It’s a concept album taking the form of a three-part psychedelic steam punk pop-opera, based on an obscure book about Atlantis. It’s unrelentingly fantastic, camp and odd. My #1 LP of 2012, and it still gives me chills.

Duke Lang, Host, Better Days, CFRO FM
The Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett


I do not have one favourite album. While life without music is unimaginable, there is no single album I could not live without. As I’ve grown older, I have lost many dear friends and inspirational contemporaries, and still I go on living without them. One album I do listen to whenever another member of my ‘tribe of hearts’ moves on from this world is this one.

Adam Seyum, Music Connection Magazine
Chain Reaction, Cuban Link


Simply, I can relate. Whether I’m in the mood for lyrics, feeling good or just looking for words to re-strengthen my spirit, Cuban’s music is a mixture of raw, passionate, lyrical prowess coupled with wisdom and street sensibility. Cuban was the protégé of the late, great Big Pun from the Terror Squad, hailing from the Bronx, New York. This album features hard-hitting production from Swizz Beatz and Eminem’s producer Mr. Porter; as well as, vocals from D-Block’s Jadakiss, R&B singer Avant, the songstress Mya, and the Reggaeton favorite, Don Omar. This 17 track album can play from top to bottom without skipping one track. Authentic, brilliant, and mature are the three words that best describe this over-looked, under appreciated release.