eOne A&R Busts Arm After Signing The Wild!

We were warned.

We didn’t believe them.

eOne Music Canada signed Kelowna, BC-based The Wild! Their new EP is scheduled to be released in early 2015.

Their reputation, we were told, goes something like this:

“Guns N Roses, AC/DC, and the best party you’ve ever been to, all in one band. They are so crazy they have an “!” at the end of their name.

“Ha, ha!” We said, having over 120 years of experience between the staff. “We can handle everything! It’s 2014! The days of crazy rock and rollers went out the door in 1977 and Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin and the Sunset Strip! Look at their silly website name – they even put rock and roll in their URL! Dude, we had Slash on the label for years, so we know what we’re doing.”

eOne Music’s A&R Nathan Quinn asked The Wild! on Friday after the contract was done if they’d like to go out for dinner and celebrate. We found out this is like asking if Stephen King knows how to write scary books. He came home Saturday afternoon. This is a photo of him after leaving the hospital. All he’ll say is it involved a high-end restaurant to start, The Bovine, Cherry Cola’s, a stretch limo, a sunrise, and a bar tab into 5 figures.

We were told about their “Party ‘Til You’re Dead” attitude. It’s not just a song in their set. It’s what they do.

God help us all.

The Wild! are coming.

eOne A&R Nathan Quinn