Musician Creates A Music Video For The Deaf

Music David Porteous has created something pretty amazing – a music video for the deaf. Now, before you say, They’re deaf, not blind, how can this help them?, he explains:

This music video is my attempt at translating music into a visual form. My goal is to show the deaf community how recorded music is constructed.

Each instrument in this video was created from scratch by filming various light sources. The size, texture and position of each ‘visual instrument’ is reflective on how the instrument was mixed in the audio recording. The colour of the instrument is significant with regard to it’s pitch, while the physical shape of the instrument is a visual artistic creation.

Light Waves vs Sound Waves :

Vibration is a common characteristic of both light waves and sound waves. Each colour in this video represents a musical note as the colour and note share the same frequency (vibration).

Take the note A. It has a frequency of 440 Hz. If you double the frequency to 880 Hz, the note is still an A, but at an octave higher. Continue to double this and eventually you’ll reach the frequency range of visible light.

The musical note A shares the same frequency as the colour of a naval orange.