Metz On Their Love Of Bob Mould

There are a lot of the qualities of SST Records found in METZ’ music – who would the most important SST band be, or a lesser-known gem from back then?

Ah…off the top of my head? It’s not strange stuff, but an honest answer, not as cool, but lately, I’ve just been saying: “It’s just Hüsker Dü, all day, every day.” They’re probably my favourite SST band. It just blows my mind. You listen to it over and over and over and over, and you put it on again one day and you get something else from it. I can just find something amazing in it every time I listen to it.

No one does the simple complexity thing quite like Hüsker Dü.

We saw Bob play in Toronto, and he played a bunch of Hüsker Dü stuff, but even his solo stuff – it boggles my mind because it’s open chords with a distortion pedal and is nothing groundbreaking in that way, but in every other way, it’s just perfection. And you’re left wondering: “How does he do that?” I don’t get it.

Even the Sugar records are essentially Mould doing alt. rock arguably better than the Foo Fighters and the like.

He’s just got that thing that’s one of a kind that no-one can touch. Even if they were to play the exact same chords on the exact same guitar, it wouldn’t work.