That Time In 2011 When Jared Leto Did A Perfect Rendition Of Kurt Cobain

Back in 2011, you weren’t expected something like this, of course. Who would have thought Jared Leto and Thisty Seconds To Mars would have created a spot-on rendition of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?

Here’s what Jared wrote at the time. “I heard today (April 5) was the day Kurt passed away 17 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. So grateful for his contribution and inspiration. Not sure I’d be doing this if it weren’t for him. He gave us all permission to create no matter what our skill set and reminded me that dreams are possible. Thanks for that. This made me recall a short piece of film I shot when I heard they were making a film celebrating his life. I made it to explore the character and explore creative possibilities. I never sent it to the studio or to anyone but thought I’d share it now…”

Kurt could be pretty unforgiving, but I’d like to think he’d love this tribute.