I LOVE This Idea: A Vending Machine Now Distributes Free Short Stories

The Short Story Dispenser offers intellectual breaks to enchant readers, while enabling businesses with lengthy wait times to improve upon their customer experience. Put a story where people gather in your business, surprise them poetically and encourage interaction, so they leave with a smile.

With the Short Story Dispenser, you can improve your customer relationship by transforming the low points of their experience (having to wait, feeling ignored, impatience, etc.) into highlights (surprise, smiles, a great read).

Short Édition’s aim is to adapt literature to the modern world by combining short literature, the community and technology. In this way Short Édition uses passion and humour to inspire the community of readers and authors who dare to like short stories. Created in 2011, Short Édition has generated over 19 million readings of works and now has more than 230,000 reader subscribers to its participatory platform, short-edition.com, designed for reading on the move.

9,000 of their authors have been selected and promoted by the readers of the Short Édition community. They have written the works offered on the short-edition.com platform. The shortest and best are selected to be offered to the public via the Short Story Dispenser. They have signed a publishing contract with Short Édition which protects them, gives Short Édition responsibility for managing their creative output and enables them to receive royalty payments. Our authors are therefore paid in royalties, every time their work is accessed in a Short Story Dispenser.