The Top 10 Songs of All Time

The world of music has experienced many wonderful songs over the years. Great musicians have lived and provided music that has remained in the minds of people for many years. Different songs have been touted as the best in the world by different sources and no comprehensive list exists since music depends heavily on personal taste. However, some popular songs always appear in the lists of the best in the world and these can be listed as being in the top 10 songs of all time. The best artists who write and perform these songs need the best tools such as earbuds and that is where Iron Horse Trading comes in.

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The Top 10 Songs List

  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

This song was released in 1982 and became a big hit with music lovers at the time. The song remains very popular to date with many appreciating it for its movie-like music video.

  1. Like a Prayer – Madonna

Madonna released this song in 1984 and it saw her rise to fame. It was a Billboard Hot 100 number one song and remains a popular dance song to date.

  1. When Doves Cry – Prince

This song was released in 1984 and was beloved for Prince’s unique style and vocals. It was on top of the charts in the time and following the death of Prince in 2016, the song regained popularity and got another stint at the top of the charts.

  1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

This song was released in Whitney’s second album and became a Billboard chart number one instantly. The song was very popular and it won a Grammy and American Music Award.

  1. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

This song was released in 1998 when Britney was only 16 years old. The song was very popular and became one of the world’s best selling with over 10 million copies sold to date. The music video for the song was also very innovative and continues to inspire musicians to this day.

  1. It’s Gonna Be Me – N Sync

One of the most famous boy bands in the world, ‘N Sync released this song as part of their second album. The song was released in 2000 and rose to the top of the Billboard to give the band the popularity they have to date.

  1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – the Backstreet Boys

Released in 1997, this song was in the band’s second album. It gained a lot of popularity with youths and teenagers and the dance moves showcased were a fan favorite.

  1. Rolling in the Deep – Adele

This song was released when Adele was only 21 years old. It gave her international acclaim and won her two Grammys due to the massive popularity that the song had the world over.

  1. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

This song was originally released in 1981. However, it gained popularity after getting featured in popular television show Sopranos.

  1. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

This was one of the best dance songs of its time and it continues to receive a lot of popularity due to Michael’s vocals and dance moves.

The music industry has seen many great musicians over time who have given the world amazing songs. The list above highlights the top 10 songs of all time. The musicians who make these songs need the proper tools to aid them in their craft and earbuds are among the important tools they use. With such tools, they are able to make the amazing music that people the world over love and appreciate to date.