Unison Benevolent Fund partners with StayBillety

The Unison Benevolent Fund community is #StayingAlike!  Effective today, the national support organization for music professionals has partnered with online accommodation service StayBillety.com to assist the music community with housing when travelling.

The StayBillety platform allows members to indicate their interests and the groups and organizations they support.  It connects people with shared interests. For example, music supporters with extra space can connect with musicians needing a place to stay.  Hosts earn some extra money, and musicians or music lovers, travelling any time, have the opportunity to save some money on accommodation.

StayBillety is available throughout North America.  The Canadian start-up becomes the Official Online Accommodation Service of Unison today. The partnership serves Canada’s broad music community, both industry and fans.



Are you already home-sharing?  Or are you music-minded with extra space?  Register on StayBillety, list your room or home and indicate ‘Unison Benevolent Fund’ as ‘Groups I Support’.  Be sure to follow your local home sharing regulations.  See StayBillety.com/Unison or StayBillety.com/3easysteps