Vegas Casinos Featured In Hollywood Movies Which Can Actually Be Visited

It’s been many years for now that movies related to casinos have been taking the cinema world by storm. Many a time people also relate to such movies on a personal basis and just love watching their favourite actors step up to the table and try their hands on Poker or Roulette, or just try their luck on the roulette spin, or just enjoy and feel happy when they win a jackpot on the slots. Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, most of the casino movies are set and filmed here.

There are plenty of marvelous casinos in Las Vegas and these beautiful buildings shine on the silver screen, which inspires many people to plan their trip to these eminent locations. In this article, we will talk about the popular casino movies which have been filmed in the physical casinos that can be actually visited.

If it is not possible for you to visit the Las Vegas casinos, no worries!

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  1. Casino:

Movie Casino released in 1995 was inspired by real people and actual events of Las Vegas. It is one of the all-time great movies, which is funny, violent and shows a glimpse of the history and culture of Las Vegas casinos.

Casino is an uncorroborated sequel to ‘Goodfellas‘, a Scorsese’s masterpiece. This legendary movie, filmed at Riviera Casino, is all about the group of mafias who enter Vegas surreptitiously and their greed makes them start raking in the big dollars. It is a stellar hoodlum movie, in which the star cast, Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci have given top-notch performances.

This movie exemplifies the bleak facts (such as greed, money, deception, power and murder) of a casino ruffian.

  1. The Hangover:

The Hangover, one of the summer’s biggest hits released in 2005, with a gross total of more than $150 million since its release. The movie is a rib-tickling comedy revolving around four inebriated bachelors, a baby and a tiger, all in a suite of a casino hotel.

The Hangover is a tale of three bachelors Phil, Stu and Alan, visiting the Caesars Palace located in the Las Vegas strip, to celebrate their friend Doug’s big bachelor’s party, but they wake up the next morning with no memories of the previous night. Everything looks normal so far until they realise that the bridegroom is missing and they see a tiger and a baby in the room. With only a few hours left for them to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and get the bridegroom Doug to the wedding.

The movie depicts almost everything that could go wrong at a Vegas casino in a hilarious way.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven:

Ocean’s Eleven, directed by STEVEN SODERBERGH and released in 2001 is an ultimate casino heist movie. This movie earned a cumulative worldwide gross total of $450,717,150.

Danny Ocean accomplices plan to heist at three casinos simultaneously and emerge with a stash of $150 million, for which he gathers a team of 10 individuals who are talented, risk-takers, fearless, to help him execute his plan. The major part of the movie was filmed in The Bellagio Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas.

Ocean’s Eleven is a crime thriller genre movie which will keep you guessing till the end.

  1. 21:

21, a 2008 movie directed by ROBERT LUKETIC. This movie was a big blockbuster hit earning $159,808,370 worldwide.

This movie is adapted from the book Bringing Down the House, which is a fact-based story of six Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students who are trained to be the masters of card counting skills(especially the game of Blackjack) and rake in $640,000 in the casinos of Vegas.

As the team of students start visiting different casinos on the Vegas strip, you can view some of the amazing casinos there. The main part of the movie is featured in the Planet Hollywood Casino.

All in all, it is a crime, drama and thriller movie, which you surely will enjoy watching.


It’s a saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is actually true because you can content your ultimate gaming experience when you visit the physical casinos in Vegas.