The Concept of Real Casino and Virtual Games

The trend of live dealer online casino games commenced a few years back and now it is taking the online gambling industry by the storm. Now players can enjoy the live dealer on most of the popular casino sites. This new introduction of the gaming culture in online casinos has attracted more players. The reason is simple. This offers the gameplay similar to playing in the brick and mortar casinos. The games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and other tables games can be played with live dealer features and fans of these games now don’t have to visit the land-based counterparts of the casinos.

Players can still get the new casino bonuses which can be used on online casinos. Many players also claim that virtual games offer the same fund and gameplay similar to the real game in retail casinos. Well, all the things depend on the interest of the player but if you want to explore more things then here, we are going to discuss which kind of game could be the best for you.

Virtual games have the same house edge

There isn’t a difference between house edge percentage in virtual games and live real games. The online virtual games are developed by some reputed software developer companies and they make sure that player gets the fair gameplay that is why the house edge of the online live dealer game and real games are same. So, when the house edge is the same and you are getting the same gameplay experience on your device without going anywhere then it is better to stick to the virtual games at the online casinos.

Fair Gameplay

As we said earlier that the games are developed by some renowned software developers and they make sure that the game is fair to its core. So, there are zero chances of cheating or fraud in virtual games. While in real games, several players try to win the game by applying the strategy like counting card in blackjack which is kind of not illegal but immoral and that’s why casino dealers could stop you from the game. This is also a reason why virtual games are becoming popular among online casino players.

Better Rewards

There is no investment of place and space in the online casino so it is obvious that you will be getting better promotional offers in virtual games. When you play real or live games at land-based casinos, you will get the perks like free drinks and snacks. But all that could not compete with the free casino bonuses that can be redeemed playing online casino virtual games.

Well, now seeing this, brick-and-mortar casinos have also introduced some new things for players. They are creating games with more house edge along with amazing gameplay experience. But there are no free bonuses.

Comfort and Experience

When you want to enjoy the real casino games then you have to travel to a casino near you and you have to dress according to the requirement. if you are fine with this then the experience at a real casino is really superior to virtual games. But when it comes to comfort, virtual games are the winner. There is no waiting line here. You just have to log in to your favorite online platform and you are good to go. The gameplay experience of live dealer online games is much like real games so if you want to enjoy casino games without harming your comfort then virtual games are the savior.


Well, it is a tough call to say which gameplay platform you should choose. Experience and feeling of playing in a real casino are unmatchable but when if you want big rewards, games at your device, and more options of games then virtual gaming could be your thing. Know your interests. Plus, you should know if you have real casinos in your locality or not and then make the decision.