Devices Dictate New Rules for Casino Game Providers

Right now, 164 million people use their phone to access mobile casinos. Bets on smart devices are already exceeding the threshold of 100 billion per year. As mobile gambling slowly takes over the total online gambling market, casino software companies are facing new challenges when they need to develop casino games.

People seem to love gambling from their own homes and on the go, and most prefer this kind of flexibility over using their computers. Because of such widespread use, casino apps are growing fast in the betting industry. As a result, casino gaming technologies as we know them change every day.

Innovative Casino Technologies in the Gambling World

Playing games on mobile devices started getting popular in the 90s. Back then, they were basic and not so interactive. However, as soon as multimedia games came on the market, there were numerous interesting features that were invented. With continuous upgrades, the technology used to develop casino games has made the gambling experience extremely pleasant for players.

Past mobile products had average interface and very limited applications. If you were to open such a slot on a mobile device, it would be impossible to play it. But, companies today understand the need of user friendly interface along with enhanced applications.

Large developers like Microgaming are creating incredible technologies casino games. The reason why they are so popular is because they tweak technology to meet the needs of all players, including those who use their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

The Same Excellent Games with Better Convenience

Right now, conceptualizers and developers, as well as designers have a huge challenge in front of them – to make plain mechanics and graphics look cutting-edge and be in synchronization with modern gambling. When high-rated companies create an algorithm for casino games, they consider everything from where it will be played to how it will fit onto a screen size. This is what differentiates companies like Microgaming and NetEnt from an online casino software provider that uses basic technology and doesn’t optimize games for mobile use.

If you check Loopx homepage and look for top-rated websites, you’ll notice that all of their products offer same quality of gambling on your laptop and your mobile device, as well as your tablet. Quality of games is the top reason why people choose one casino over the other.

On the surface, modern casino sites seem like they came out of science fiction. Not only are you able to gamble from any place, but you can enjoy the same quality of playing as you would on your laptop. By using Flash and HTML5 to develop slot casino game, developers can create and adapt products for other devices. The same graphics remain, as well as the features, but things are now more portable.

Mobile vs. Desktop Gambling

For most part, software companies make their games on par with mobile devices and PC and Mac devices. Still, there are distinctions that are worth mentioning.

To fit in a slot into a small screen of an Android tablet or phone, game features are streamlined and adapted. They remove the fluff and background graphics and focus on the core features. Access buttons of games are access by touching on the screen, while rules and pay tables can be read by swiping the screen.

With such innovative approaches, smart devices are becoming the preferred way to access casino games.

It’s not just the games that are tweaked for devices. If you open a high rated website, you’ll notice that everything is different. Starting from their homepage i.e. lobby and ending with games’ appearance, everything will be tweaked to fit different screen size capabilities.

In most cases, some games are not available on smaller screens. High-rated software companies usually create the majority of games to fit all devices, but you will often find a limited range of games compared to desktop play.

If a site uses not-so-great developers, you might even find less than half the number of slots and table games available on desktop when you load your mobile application. Still, with numerous choices available on mobile at great casinos, most players still choose to do their gambling on their mobile phones.

How to Play Casino Games on Mobile

Some of the websites you’ll come across have downloadable applications found on their sites, App Store, or Google Play. Others will only allow for browser gaming, so you can use the browser on your tablet or device to instantly access their available games.

In the end, it all comes down to how well they’ve optimized the site for mobile use. There are casinos that have better browser versions than other casino’s apps.

Keep in mind that there are apps where you can gamble for money and apps that allow you to try out casino games for free. If you want to gamble with real cash, find a reliable casino website and download their app.

Playing quality games on different devices brings some challenges for players, too. First of all, you need to ensure that you have the right version to optimize the experience. Secondly, you need to make sure that your phone is kept safe from viruses and malware.

Most casino slots will work off HTML5 and will open on most browsers available on mobile devices. However, if you use Flash, you need to make sure that your phone or tablet has its latest version. It’s essential that you have a current OS, too. Recommended options are iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat that allow you to gamble on the latest games in the industry. Older operating systems might also work, but your experience will be much better with newer releases.

Just like desktop online gambling, mobile gambling should be done on safe websites that have SSL security to protect your account and details. To find safe websites, look for high-rated companies by players and logos such as eCOGRA and GLI

Final Thoughts

Whether we start playing games on our smart watches, use virtual reality to gamble, or games become even more advanced than we can anticipate, one thing is for certain – the casino industry is facing a bright and amazing future.