How to backup the bitcoins

Bitcoins are stored in the bitcoin wallet. There are chances of you forgetting the mobile or losing the flash drive in which the bitcoins are stored. There must be a way to back up the bitcoins so that when the device is lost, you should still use the bitcoins. Many people do not back up the bitcoins, and when the device is lost, they lose all the bitcoins stored in it and regret later. Before you regret it, it is best to back up the bitcoins. If you do not want to lose the bitcoins forever, backup is the only available option. It is better late than never, now if you have bitcoins immediately run and backup those in the ways that are suggested in the article.

When you back up the bitcoin wallet, it relieves you and helps you stay in peace without thinking about losing them.

Three different ways to backup the bitcoin wallet

There are three different ways that you can embrace to backup the libra method wallet. The backup you are going to do depends on the type of wallet you are using.

Recovery seed

Many cryptocurrency wallets would have a high recovery speed, which is called a mnemonic phrase or a random 12 to 24 words. You must make a note of these words when you first buy the wallet. It is a kind of backup you can do. You can retrieve the coins despite you losing the wallet.

Wallet backup life

The file can be in two forms, i.e., the .dat and .json file. The wallets offer a provision to import the files with the bitcoin information to your new wallet at any point in time.

Private key

A private key is a 256-bit number that is created when you buy a new bitcoin wallet. You must keep the key private without falling in the eyes of others.

Why keep the private keys safe

The people often overlook the significance of private keys. However, users who have the private key can have complete control over the transaction of the funds. If you are using a wallet that is not giving you the authority to store the private key or backup the key, it is better to buy some other wallet. This happens with the online wallet where the private keys are stored on the third-party server. It is not secure and is prone to security vulnerabilities, especially if you are storing a lot of bitcoins in the wallet.

How to backup the bitcoin wallet

Paper backup

If you are using the paper wallet, the best way to backup the wallet is to note the private key on a piece of paper and keep it secure. There are chances of you losing the paper or the paper getting crumpled or stolen. You can follow these steps. For instance, a few papers are resistant to mold and heat, while a few can laminate the paper to avoid excess wear and tear.

Online backup

The other kind of wallet that is used by the majority of the people in the online wallet. You must back up this wallet. You must keep the private keys online and add defense lines to protect the backup, private keys from the threats of malware and viruses. The best way is to encrypt the backup using the encryption tools.

Device backup

You can save the bitcoin wallet private keys on the flash drive or CD or a hard drive. You must keep this device in a safe and secure location. It is better to store your keys in more than one device. If you are storing the private key, use encryption to add additional security to the bitcoins.

Brain backup

Few people will make use of memory to back up the bitcoin wallet. They memorize the mnemonic recovery phrase. It can be done by the people who are confident enough.

These are the safety measures you must follow when you are backing up the bitcoin wallet. The first thing you must do is to store the backup in different locations. So, if one is lost, there would always be another available. You can protect the password with the password. You can also use the hardware wallet to store the bitcoins.