Some of the biggest musicians who were addicted to gambling.

Gambling is a hobby which is enjoyed around the whole world. It has been around for a very very long time. In fact, the very earliest traces of gambling were found in remains from as early on as ancient China, which dates back to around 2300 BC.

Mankind thrives in entertainment, and gambling is so entertaining, we even enjoy watching others do it. It triggers a sensation of thrill and eagerness where you’re enjoying the fun of a game, however winning or losing makes a difference, whether you’re wagering money, or your belongings… It takes competition to another level, and we all know how nice it feels to win at the end. Nowadays gambling more accessible than ever and is found pretty much everywhere, whether it’s in casinos all over the world, privately between a small group of peers, at the sports bars, and even online, on websites like and many more.

In a successful musician’s life, where you’re practically living by the moment, enjoying every second of your life while earning piles of money which you can’t even think of what you’re spending it on, you’re bound to, at some point in your life, end up in a casino, get curious, and give gambling a go. It’s a no-brainer. However, not everyone manages to keep in control, when you’re gambling it’s very easy to get carried away, it almost sucks you into a trance that makes you want to keep playing and playing until you hit that huge jackpot, and then, once you hit the jackpot, you’ll start aiming for an even bigger jackpot, this is where gambling becomes an addiction, and often ends in major losses of money, belongings, and even property.

These musicians learnt that you should never underestimate a gambling addiction, and they learnt it the hard way…

Frank Sinatra

Truly one of the greats, not just in the jazz sector, but also in the nasty gambling habit sector! There’s no doubt that one of the biggest jazz musicians of all time would be associated with Vegas. Jazz was booming in his time and his live music was wanted all over the world, obviously, if you had to choose from all around the world, you would choose the coolest, wealthiest and jazziest place of them all. He loved Vegas, probably more than any other place in the world. Although his life there wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. He used to gamble all the time, and occasionally, he would even throw a tantrum when he lost. He loved gambling so much, that he even bought a Casino in the 60s, which he later had to sell due to his gambling licence being revoked 8 years later, after illegal activities were caught within the resort.

Lemmy Kilmister

The Vocalist and Bassist of the one and only heavy rock n roll band Motorhoead, was also massively enthusiastic towards gambling. Who would have thought that the writer of Ace of Spades, would be a big gambling addict?! He had proven in an interview that he had multiple gambling related references in numerous songs which he had written in his successful musical career. He also mentioned he loves to play on slot machines, he referred to it as shaking hands with one armed bandits. He also said that he had lost a large amount of money during his heavy gambling addiction.

However, gambling isn’t so bad when you’re not addicted to it. It’s a very enjoyable event when one does it just for fun once in a blue moon. There’s no need to pass by the casino every weekend or whenever you feel like it. If we keep it as a special occasion, we wouldn’t need to worry about getting addicted. As long as we keep control.