Top 5 Trends For Online Gaming In 2020

The gaming industry has really changed in recent times. With a smartphone, laptop, desktop or any other device that can be connected to the internet, you can sit down at the comfort of your home and enjoy online games. Statistically, according to Daily Telegraph, it has been estimated that more than 2.5 billion people log onto the internet everyday. This recent surge in internet users has opened up a big market for online game companies, increasing the already heated competition between several online gaming companies. For example, some online casinos even offer gamblers, new casino games to keep them entertained and thrilled.  You can play some of these new casino games at King Billy casino.

In the online gaming industry, several innovations and technologies have been introduced to provide an exciting online gaming experience for gamers. According to an article in popular newsite nytimes, the gaming industry is expected to grow by $90 billion between 2019 and 2023 due to the introduction of these wonderful innovations and trends which has already attracted more online gamers to the online gaming industry. The top 5 trends for online gaming in 2020 are;

  • Virtual Reality in Online gambling

In 2020, according to a gaming article published in new site buzzfeed, Virtual Reality is the latest trend in the online gaming industry that seeks to absorb a gamer in a complete new reality, different from the current environment. The introduction of Virtual Reality in online gaming has improved the online gaming platforms. It has offered a wide range of virtual casino games, new online casino tournaments and modern gaming services. Most online gaming companies have already joined the trend with Oculus Rift and Playstation VR seriously embracing the technology. Also, the Virtual Reality Headsets has become popular in the online gaming industry.  

  • Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is another latest trend for online gambling in this year.  Cloud gaming will allow those who cannot afford a PC to play games through the internet.

Cloud gaming also allows gamers to stream games directly to multiple devices with uninterrupted access to features of mobile games. This growing trend in the online gaming industry has been largely embraced by so many people. For example, information obtained from Daily Telegraph, has shown that 1 in 10 internet users make use of cloud gaming service every month. In this year, cloud gaming has become a big trend in the online gaming industry.

  •  Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles have been recently introduced in almost all the games to provide the gamer with a better gaming experience. Before 2020, gaming consoles were mostly used in the PS4 and Xbox games. Currently, all gaming companies have created gaming consoles for gamers. A survey carried out by canadian online casino has shown that 2 in every 5 gamers prefer the use of gaming consoles. Popular gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have already started working on new gaming console innovations that will satisfy gamers better. The introduction of gaming consoles is one of the top trends for online gaming and will allow gamers to enjoy games.

  • Live broadcast

According to popular website nytimes, Twitch, a dedicated game broadcasting site made over $1.5 billion in revenue for live broadcast of games. This revenue was easily raised because of the high number of people that watch live games. Also, statistics released by buzzfeed clearly stated that 2 in every 10 internet users watched live streaming sessions. The large profit that is available in live broadcasting of games has made most online gaming companies provide live broadcast for gamers. Gamers can now promote themselves by conveniently uploading their gaming contents on their social media pages.

  • Gaming in cryptocurrencies

Gaming in cryptocurrency is another top trend for online gaming in 2020. Some gaming companies have switched from the traditional method of gaming to crypto gaming. This change has provided top-notch gaming experience to gamers. The value of cryptocurrency does not change because it is not controlled by a particular government. So many people now play online games like online casino games and sports betting in cryptocurrencies. With the economic failings of the centralized systems, cryptocurrency is proving to be the best way to secure money and assets. More people are expected to join this trend at the end of 2020.

In summary, 2020 has been a year that has experienced some crucial innovations that are shaping the gaming industry today. Some companies are still developing their own innovation too. For example, Facebook has successfully acquired smaller tech companies to build its social network-gaming hybrid, Horizon. However, for the year 2020, the 5 top trends in the online gaming industry is the introduction of Virtual Reality in online gaming, evolution of cloud gaming, development of gaming consoles, availability of live game broadcast and finally, the newly introduced crypto gaming system that will help to preserve the assets of gamers.