Where background music matters the most

Music has an ability to influence people’s minds that is a proven fact. For example, you can feel this phenomenon while you drive a car, as when the music is loud and rhythmic your driving style becomes more aggressive. These particular qualities of musical compositions are used in online casinos widely, including bitcoin slots, so let us discuss this topic specifically below.

The science of music in online Bitcoin casinos
Online casino music is related to a separate genre as it has all the genre specifications – it is created for a close audience, it is played in certain circumstances, it has special purposes.

Of course, musical surroundings in online casinos have a bit different purpose than in land-based casinos. Online casinos do not need to create a special atmosphere enhancing gamers to play in case they hesitate. Instead, sometimes online casinos and Bitcoin online casinos as well, use music to trigger gamblers in a right way. For example, by audio supporting the game topic. A good example of such music can be any slot dedicated to a popular rock band when the band’s TOP hits are playing while the game is on.

When it comes to Bitcoin online casino music types, there are two main of them:

Tender and sweet background online casino music has a light tone and a soft rhythm, so it helps gamblers to relax and do not take big risks. This type of music will not work well in such games as poker or roulette. At those games, trends are connected to high risks. Tender music will be good for games where you do not have to hurry up, but to wait and concentrate, as an example, for some card games.
High-tempo, aggressive music fastens the gamblers heart rate and forces them to be active and ambitious while playing. Therefore, rhythmic music makes people take big risks and to bet more money. There is a psychologist’s conclusion that proves that when the tempo of the music imposes its rhythm on the current track part, gamblers tend to act faster, and make fast actions. The effect such music has on the human brain pushes the bettor to raise his bets.

Concluding, music’s main purpose in any online casino is to make the betting process easier.

Bitcoin slot machine music

Music in Bitcoin slot machines are an important part of the game process as it is used to engage gamblers and to help them to get in a right mood for betting. However, a number of games are connected to music because of their plot. Therefore, the other sound role is to keep up the game theme.

Bitcoin-friendly gambling platforms have numbers of slots and other game types, which are added with a good sound, which will make you want headphones. For example, some 7bitcasino slots have such great musical surroundings, amongst them are Starburst by NetEnt, Southpark by NetEnt, Game of Thrones by MicroGaming (yes, it has the original sounds from the show playing), and many others.
How background music impacts gamers

So as mentioned above music can efficiently affect a human’s mind. There are numbers of researches aimed to determine how exactly the musical sound impacts the gambler’s behavior. One of such studies was focused on investigating reactions of a group of a hundred and one males and females who played online casino. One part of a group was listening to low-tempo sounds, and gamers from that group showed some stubbornness and placed a big number of bets. The other group was listening to a high-tempo music, and behaved intensively.