These Are the Health Benefits of CBD Tincture

About 40 percent of American adults say they’re curious about cannabidol, or CBD. The market for this cannabinoid has grown quickly over the last few years. New scientific research has also spurred curiosity.

There’s plenty of speculation about what CBD could do for human health. If you’re thinking about using a CBD tincture or another product, you might wonder what benefits you can expect.

This guide will walk you through what the current research says. It will look at the best-supported benefits, as well as some promising research results.

What Can CBD for Your Health?

There’s a lot of speculation about what CBD can and can’t do for human health. Even though scientists are studying CBD, they haven’t proven much just yet.

Still, the research they have finished is promising. It suggests the benefits of CBD could support your health in many different ways.

One of the best-supported benefits is pain relief. Many studies suggest that CBD is effective at reducing pain. Some scientists say it might be more effective than opioid medications.

CBD also seems to be effective for difficult-to-treat pain. Studies of people with nerve pain showed improvement in their symptoms. Studies with cancer patients also suggest CBD reduces pain.

Other research has looked at how CBD might reduce pain. So far, scientists think it may connect with opioid receptors in the brain. These receptors react to medications like morphine.

It seems like CBD can do the same thing, and it might be even better at it.

CBD and Inflammation

Another area of interest has been CBD’s effects on inflammation. Pain and inflammation often go hand in hand. Reducing inflammation may be another way CBD helps alleviate pain.

To reduce inflammation, CBD seems to send signals to the immune system. From there, the body reduces its inflammation response.

This may have wide-reaching benefits for people with different conditions. One example is people with rheumatoid arthritis. CBD tincture seems to be able to reduce the inflammation people with RA experience.

Inflammation also plays a role in a much more common condition: acne. Inflammation is what causes soreness, redness, and swelling when pimples crop up on your skin. CBD’s anti-inflammatory action could help to reduce acne flare-ups.

It may also help with other inflammatory skin conditions. It could even help with inflammation experienced by those with conditions like IBS.

CBD, Stress, and Sleep

Another area of interest is how CBD can affect stress. It seems to act in a few different ways. First, CBD acts to relax veins, which can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure.

It may also affect levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Many people report feeling much more relaxed when they take CBD.

Stress plays a role in some sleep disorders, like insomnia. Stress can make it difficult to fall asleep or get a good night’s rest. A CBD tincture could lower stress levels, which could make it easier to get your 40 winks.

CBD may also have other effects on sleep. Some researchers found CBD seemed to help people fall asleep faster. It may even help some people stay asleep longer or get more restful sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep is important for optimal health. Getting good sleep can also help lower stress. By working on both sleep and stress, CBD could help people work toward a healthier life.

CBD Tincture and Mental Health

Stress and sleep are also important factors in mental health. It’s not exactly surprising to hear that improving them with CBD could help people’s mental health.

Some researchers wondered if there were other CBD benefits for mental health. Right now, there does seem to be some evidence CBD could play a positive role in mental health.

Some studies have found CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a “feel-good” compound produced in the brain. CBD blocks the uptake of serotonin, which can increase levels of it.

In turn, people may feel happier or less anxious. Some scientists think CBD could help with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and more.

CBD, Relaxation, and Energy Levels

Many people also report they feel more relaxed when taking CBD. Some people like to take CBD to help them unwind after a long day at work.

The research about CBD’s relaxing effects is somewhat mixed. That’s because some people report feeling energized when they take CBD.

Some cannabinoids have a reputation for making people drowsy. On the other hand, CBD seems to make people feel like they can get up and go.

Lots of people like CBD for motivating them. It may help improve focus, which could be useful for artists and others. It may also be useful for athletes or people who want to feel more motivated about their workout routine.

CBD and Appetite

Some of the first research studies on cannabinoids looked at their effectiveness in reducing nausea. These studies focused specifically on cancer patients.

It seems CBD and other cannabinoids may be able to reduce nausea and vomiting. There’s also some evidence CBD could help people control their appetite.

Unlike the popular cannabinoid THC, CBD may suppress the appetite. This may be helpful for people who are trying to lose weight or manage their eating habits. THC can increase appetite, which is helpful for other populations.

CBD in the Nervous System

CBD became quite popular after the story of Charlotte Figi hit the mass media in 2013. Figi had a severe form of epilepsy, causing thousands of seizures every day. Her parents finally turned to CBD, which helped her immensely.

Research backs this up. Scientists have shown CBD may reduce seizures in some forms of epilepsy.

CBD may also have other effects on the nervous system as well. Some studies have looked at the connection between CBD and Alzheimer’s disease. There’s some evidence that CBD might interfere with the formation of plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s.

This cannabinoid may also provide neuroprotective benefits in cases of Parkinson’s disease.

Other Potential Benefits under Study

The research on CBD is still young and growing. Researchers haven’t proved CBD health benefits, although some are better researched.

In addition to the ones discussed, there are plenty of other potential CBD benefits. Most of these need much more study before they can be confirmed.

One study suggested CBD might be a potential cancer treatment. It seemed to have effects on the growth of tumors.

Other studies have looked at CBD’s effects on viruses like HIV. Some researchers suggested CBD might have the potential to treat HIV/AIDS infections.

At least one study has looked at the effects of CBD on aging and cognitive performance in rodents. In this study, it was suggested cannabinoids could improve cognitive function in older rodents. The scientists went on to say that CBD and other cannabinoids might play a role in slowing down aging.

Other researchers have suggested similar anti-aging effects for the skin. CBD seems to affect collagen production. Collagen can help skin maintain a youthful appearance.

This cannabinoid also seems to have anti-oxidant properties, which may mean it helps to eliminate free radicals in the body. This can slow the signs of aging, among other effects.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Tincture?

Now that you know the benefits of CBD itself, you might be wondering why a tincture is the best option. After all, there are many different types of products out there.

What are CBD tinctures anyway? Unlike pure CBD oil, they’re a mixture of carrier oils, solvents, and CBD.

Alcohol is the most popular solvent, because it carries the most CBD. Other solvents include vinegar and even glycerin.

The tincture is often blended with carrier oils. Peppermint oil, vanilla extract, and more are popular.

The experts at Magical point out that the carrier oils in CBD tinctures do more than add great flavor. They may have their own properties, which can work to enhance the effects of CBD. Peppermint, for example, is known to fight inflammation, as well as being uplifting.

Tincture benefits include a safe way to take CBD. They also increase bioavailability of CBD. That means you get more out of each dose.

Tinctures also tend to be highly concentrated. That means a tiny 30mL bottle could have thousands of milligrams of CBD in it.

In short, a CBD tincture is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your CBD.

Health Tips When You Need Them

In recent years, CBD has become incredibly popular. More Americans are curious about what it could do for their health. A CBD tincture could be the right way to give it a try.

Science has said there are plenty of potential benefits, and there are likely more to be discovered.

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