Top-Notch Bitcoin Wallets as of 2020

Many people across the world are still unaware of the concept of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a well-known digital payment system that was invented over a decade ago. There have been numerous digital currencies that preceded Bitcoin, but bitcoin is the most demanded. When compared with traditional currencies, digital currencies are much better in every aspect. Digital currencies allow users to the easy and safe transfer of money.

Bitcoins serves as the best investment opportunity if invested using skills and knowledge. No doubt, the bitcoin market is very unpredictable, and the prices keep on increasing and decreasing; still, people invest in it to earn higher returns. Bitcoin is counted as a risky investment, and an investor must only invest the amount of money that he is willing to lose if the market falls.  You can know more about bitcoin as an investment by visiting allin1 bitcoins

Have you ever wondered where bitcoins are stored? Since bitcoins are intangible assets, therefore they are stored in bitcoin wallets. Wallets are the online storage that doesn’t store the bitcoins technically. There is a wide array of bitcoin wallets available, but it is imperative to choose the best wallet that protects your coins and provides ease of use.

Here, in this article, we will know about some most popular bitcoin wallets that are used by bitcoin owners.


If not protected properly, your cryptocurrencies must get stolen by hackers. There have been many hacks and attacks reported; therefore, the wallets are focusing on providing high security to users. Here, we are talking about the Trezor wallet, which is a hardware wallet that stores the bitcoins. This hardware wallet can be installed on either a smartphone or a computer that needs to be connected with the internet.

This wallet is a device that is entirely secure, and it maintains the security of bitcoins by using multi-factor authentications. Trezor supports over 1000 digital coins. The main disadvantage of this wallet is that once you lose the password of Trezor, you can never recover it. You will lose all your bitcoins with Trezor password.


Coinbase is one of the best and easy wallets for all types of bitcoin users. This wallet provides the easiest ways to trade and hold bitcoins. Through Coinbase, the bank accounts can be easily connected, and the funds can be transferred from it. This online bitcoin wallet is best for beginners as it provides great ease to understand the bitcoin market and helps in easy buying and selling of stock through a bank account.

The best feature of Coinbase is that it can hold over 20 cryptocurrencies. This wallet also allows you to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by watching videos and winning quizzes. There is one disadvantage of this wallet, which is its costs and fees. There is a fixed transaction fee cut from transaction value charged when converted into other currencies.


There are two different versions of the Ledger wallet, i.e., Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. this wallet is considered the safest way because it secures the bitcoin in the offline device. The offline device can get connected to a computer or phone to store and easy the cryptocurrencies easily. The Ledger device is quite durable and is highly reliable.

The Ledger Nano S wallet supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies, and the Ledger Nano X holds 100 cryptocurrencies. Both the Ledger wallet types use secure chips similar to the chips used in passports and credit cards.


When this wallet was introduced, it was a stock trading platform that allows trading for free, but over time, it has been expanded and includes many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Robinhood acts as a wallet and as a bitcoin exchange. The users get everything at a place. This wallet’s main disadvantage is that users cannot transfer bitcoins to and from this wallet to other wallets.

Robinhood wallet is available for both desktop and mobile versions, and the best thing is that it is free to use. It doesn’t charge any commissions from users when trading bitcoin. Some people consider it less reliable because, in its early days, it has experienced few outages.

There are many different wallets, you must choose the one that provides complete security to your bitcoins.