Why Do People Vape?

Whether you are new to the vaping scene or just spotting a user blowing out a puff of vapor, it is no surprise to hear vaping is increasing in popularity. But why do people vape? Are they trying to appear cool to others? Do they get something out of it? What is it that makes vaping so appealing to so many people?

What is Vaping

Before you can understand why people vape, you have to understand what vaping is. Vaping is a method of consumption used as an alternative to smoking. Instead of smoke, the user inhales water vapor with a special device made specifically for vaping. The device consists of a chamber or tank for the e-liquid or wax, some form of a heating element, and a battery. After loading the substance into your device, the vape will heat up the material to a specified temperature to a point where it will produce vapor instead of smoke. The vapor is inhaled from the device using either a mouthpiece or a bag.

What Type of Device Is Used for Vaping?

Vaping devices include a wide variety of device options. However, each of these devices will generally fall into one of the three main vaping device categories. The categories are broken down by the type of concentrate each device uses. These options include:


Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers come in two forms – combustion and convection vaporizers. Convection vaporizers heat the herbs placed inside the heating chamber with hot air until it generates vapor for the user to inhale. Combustion vapes use direct contact with some form of a hot coil or rod, eventually turning the herbs into ash.

Wax Pens

Wax pens are a type of battery-operated vaporizer used for vaping shatter and heating wax concentrate until it generates vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user through the mouthpiece. Wax pens are typically comprised of three main sections the heating chamber, a mouthpiece, and some form of a battery. These devices can range in complexity depending upon the specific features it offers alongside the normal functionality.

Oil Vapes

Oil vaporizers use a hot coil instead of a flame to heat the oil concentrate (or e-juice) until it produces vapor. The user then inhales the fine mist using the mouthpiece of the vaping device. Oil vaporizers can be complex with multiple features (like wattage settings) to extremely simple and basic pre-filled devices.

Why Do People Vape?

There are a wide variety of reasons people choose to vape. While it ultimately comes down to personal preferences, vaping can provide a variety of advantages to the user. Although these are not the only reasons people choose to vape, here are a few of the more common reasons vapers have opted to vape:

Cleaner Appearance

Another downside to smoking is the stains and smells that smoke can leave behind. Heck, even your fingertips are not safe from smoking. One simple smoke session can leave your fingertips smelling awful and even leaving them with a yellowish tint to their appearance. Thankfully, vapers do not have to worry about this as vaping does not leave any smell or discoloring to the user.

No Sticky Odors 

Many smokers tend to switch to vaping because it does not create the obnoxious odor associated with smoking. Unlike smoking, the water vapor does not stick and linger to you and your surroundings. Therefore, you have no odor to offend others.

More Control

One common reason people choose to vape is that you have more control over the vapor you inhale. Small devices like pens or pods are made for users who want to produce small amounts of vapor, while desktop vaporizers and other mods are more powerful devices designed to allow the user to produce longer and more powerful hits. Other customization options can include airflow adjustments, power and wattage settings, and other features to allow the user to fine-tune the exact amount of output created by their vaping device.


Fast-Acting Ingestion Method

One of the reasons many users opt to vape is because it provides a fast-acting method to ingest their medication. Due to this, many users will choose to vape overtaking more traditional options like tinctures or pills. Vaping allows the user to ingest their medication and get it into their bloodstream without having to wait for the medication to digest.

Better Discretion

Smokers have a bad rep. They require a lighter, they give off an obnoxious and unpleasant odor when they partake and can ruin the overall atmosphere for those around them. On the other hand, vaping devices have built-in batteries. Due to their small and compact size, with the right technique, vapers can even partake without anyone knowing what they are doing. Due to this, vaping offers a discretion level that just cannot be matched by smokers.

You Do Not Have to Be Experienced

Even if you have never vaped before, there is a vaping option for every type of user. Basic devices are designed for new users and over a very simple and straightforward process to ensure every aspect of their use is easy to understand.

No Tar

While there are still many parts about vaping that is up for debate, one thing remains the same. When it comes to smoke, vaping is the healthier option. Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce tar. Due to this, many smokers will quit smoking and start vaping to help remove this element from their respiratory system.

The number of vapers continues to grow every day. However, the reason someone chooses to vape is a personal choice. It will always be a personal decision. Since we all have our own unique tastes and preferences, the exact reasoning some choose to vape can change depending upon who you are talking with.