The Top 5 Bitcoin Millionaires You Need to Know About Right Now


Every day more people are becoming aware of the potential of Bitcoin. They want to invest, trade, and follow different ways to earn money from the most popular digital currency. If you are one of them, you may like to know about the Bitcoin millionaires. For more details you can visit here Crypto Code App

After reading this article, you may tend to invest in digital currencies. However, you must take the risk factor into consideration and plan accordingly to manage it. Although it can give huge returns, you should not invest in it recklessly. Focus on learning and developing a system that can generate long term gains. Now, let’s look at some of the most successful investors in the Bitcoin industry.

Top Five Bitcoin Millionaires

Are you dreaming of becoming a Bitcoin millionaire? Then, you must know about the five visionary Bitcoin investors below.

1.      Barry Silbert

The founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), Barry Silbert, is one of the Bitcoin millionaires. He made a significant contribution to the global investment world by building crypto-based investment companies. Due to his contributions in the crypto space, he is also known as “The King of Crypto.”

Recently, the Digital Currency Group acquired one of the leading online crypto news platforms, CoinDesk. Also, it owns a global trading platform Genesis and another capital firm, Grayscale. Apart from that, Silbert’s firm invested in more than 100 crypto-based companies. His net worth was between $400-$500 million, according to Forbes.

2.      Roger Ver

With more than $500 million net worth, Roger Ver is also one of the most successful Bitcoin investors. He is an early investor of Bitcoin and earned his fortune by heavily investing in Bitcoin and crypto-related startups.


He was intrigued by the idea of the new financial system and how it solved some of the challenges of the traditional banking system. In the crypto space, he was popular with the name Bitcoin Jesus. Also, he has given a huge amount to a charity that shows his caring for the world and humanity.

3.      Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem, an American entrepreneur, is also one of the most influential Bitcoin investors. He invested heavily in Bitcoin before the price moved and made his fortune. He was also a founding member of the Bit Instant.

However, many people filed a lawsuit against the company for false service, which dragged him to the court. After his release from prison in 2016, he co-founded a capital firm named Intellisys Capital that provides services for crypto and Blockchain investments.

4.      The Winklevoss Brothers

After the settlement of the Facebook lawsuit, they invested the amount in Bitcoin. They made their fortune in 2017 during the price rise of Bitcoin. Now, the twins are among the top Bitcoin millionaires. They claim that they own nearly 1% of the total Bitcoins in circulation.

The Winklevoss twins launched Gemini, the first regulated crypto exchange. The platform is suitable for day traders as well as for institutional investors. Although they made two attempts to set up a Bitcoin ETF, they have been denied by the Security and Exchange Commission.

5.      Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is a little different from the above Bitcoin millionaires. He earned more than $300 million from Bitcoin mining. He was an early enthusiast of Bitcoin and entered the space in 2010.

He founded Mega Big Power to mine crypto coins, and now the firm is acquired by Giga Watt. Dave Carlson is currently the CEO of the company. Reports say that he was earning Bitcoin worth around $8 million per month.  He operates his mining works in the Washington area.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have the name of some of the most successful Bitcoin investors, you can conduct your research to know more about them. Also, you can start investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through a crypto platform like a crypto engine.

However, you need to consider the risks involved in the crypto market. Don’t invest more than you cannot afford to lose. Start with a small amount and aim for long-term profits. The best starting point is learning about the market, its potential risks, and rewards before investing in it. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comment section.