3 Apps to Survive Boredom during Quarantine

By Mitch Rice

With all the crazy events happening around COVID-19, social distancing has routinely been an announcement made by government officials all around the world to reduce physical contact between people in an attempt to reduce the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Because of this people are now spending more and more time at home under lockdown and quarantine in order to stay safe and healthy during this period of time. With the lack of social activities and meals people get to have, it is easy to get bored at home with nothing to do. Here are three different apps that can help change that, and stop you from being bored at home when under quarantine.

Pandora (Music)

Pandora is a leading music and podcast discovery platform powered by the Music Genome Project. Serving more than 70 million users each month, it aims to connect listeners with the exact audio content they love. What makes Pandora unique is that it doesn’t depend on genre, user connections or ratings to make its suggestions. Instead, it uses highly-advanced algorithms to identify the musical structures present in the songs you like in order to make other song recommendations that contain similar musical traits.


Based on its special Music Genome that is composed of 400 musical attributes from melody, rhythm, form and composition, Pandora allows people to listen to music that is actually chosen for them based on their personalized preferences. The only downside however, is that Pandora is currently only allowed in the US, so for users that would like a highly-personalized musical experience as well, they can consider getting a Pandora VPN for the US. With all the increased time spent at home, Pandora offers people the best possible audio experience they can get.

Netflix (Shows)

Netflix, the home-based streaming entertainment service heavyweight champion is an option that you must have when boxed up at home because of COVID blues. Netflix is a streaming platform that allows you to watch as much content as you want, offering award-winning TV shows, movies, anime and documentaries across all devices for a simple monthly subscription. Whether you are a documentary or historic film lover to someone who prefers something more lighthearted like a romance or comedy show, Netflix has the right option that will definitely meet you where you’re at.

With almost 200 million paying subscribers, Netflix has taken aggressive efforts to make its product one of the best, providing its users with a simple graphical user interface in making their film choice selections. Netflix also offers a large variety of genres, and more familiar users will also be aware of the genre codes of their favourites like 6548 for comedies and 43048 for action thrillers. Netflix is definitely one tool you want in your arsenal while you are staying at home during quarantine.

Peloton (Exercise)

With the lockdown restrictions and the pressures to stay at home, it can be easy to put on a few pounds from ordering takeaway menus at home. Why not give Peloton a shot to give your body the proper workout it needs? Peloton is a mobile app that combines home equipment with a membership workout program to offer its users the perfect setup to exercise and get fit from home. For a monthly subscription membership, Peloton users can tap into a community and fitness cult that is quite remarkable in its own right.

The home-based equipment includes a high tech bike which has solved the problem preventing many people from going to the gym – time and distance. Nothing beats the convenience Peloton offers by allowing you to take a high-class studio cycling class on a high tech bike at home whenever you feel like it. Instead of you going out to the gym, Peloton takes the gym straight to you.

Regardless of how things go in the outside world with the coronavirus, one thing is certain, and that is people will be spending more time indoors than before. To make the most of your time spent at home, instead of just being bored, there are plenty of options that you can use with your loved ones to make the most of this time indoors.