Best 7 Free Recording Software 2020

By Mitch Rice

All thanks to the advanced technologies and inventions in the world of computer softwares, with the help of which it is now easier than ever to record songs at home or on the go. While searching for free recording softwares, the Internet has a lot to offer in 2020. But which software is the very best to kick off your musical journey? No matter if you are looking to casually have fun while recording tracks or want to create some cool music to become famous in the music industry, the below mentioned seven free recording softwares will help you achieve your target.


Audacity has improved and updated a lot to become one of the most famous music production and recording softwares. The open source software gives musicians a wide scope of choices for recording and mixing sound, all integrated with a user-friendly interface, and of this is completely free. Unlike other digital audio workstations, Audacity has minimal options to play with making it easy for the user to play around with different settings. The tracks appear as a waveform and the musician can easily edit or mix separate regions by highlighting the sections on the waveforms. Although you need to be careful while editing the waveforms in Audacity as major changes can lead to the downfall of your track. The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it the best cross platform free recording software.


Mac might not be great for many softwares, but for music production and recording, it is definitely a beast. Apple’s GarageBand comes pre-installed on Mac and is one of the best free recording softwares. You can record audio with virtual software instruments and can do MIDI editing as well. There are multiple music tutorials also available inside the software along with the Help panel that will let you learn about the different controls and options to use the software easily. You can simply plug in your instrument and can get started to record your track. There are pre-loaded effects and presets to edit and mix songs easily. The software is popular in the music industry and is even used by professional music artists like Rihanna and T-Pain.


Ardour is another open source, free to use music production and recording software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is fully packed with amazing features. You can do multi track recording, can import video for editing the audio of background music, and can easily record indiculas tracks along with non-destructive editing features. There are no in-built instruments and effects in this software but you can import with the help of third party software. Also, the user interface of this software is a bit complex and the user will surely take some time to know the application well.

Avid Pro Tools First

This software is a limited version of the main Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate softwares. You can turn your music into something magical with this software that is available for all platforms. The software is mainly aimed for musicians and artists who want to try their hands on a music recording software and then go for the advanced/paid version. There are multiple features available in this software like MIDI editor, non-destructive editing, and support for AAX audio suite. You will be limited to 16 simultaneous audio tracks, 16 instruments, and 4 inputs with a maximum of three projects in the cloud. For a free version with advanced features, it is definitely a lot and you should give it a try.

Zynewave Podium Free

Podium was originally launched as a paid software with multiple awesome features like MIDI capabilities, VST, 64-bit sound engine, and support for third party plug-ins. Later, the free version with some limitations was released. The MIDI setup interface is limited to one input and one output. The multiprocessing capabilities are also diabled in the free version along with a couple of more restrictions. Although, for beginners, the free and paid versions are almost identical and one can easily record and edit songs on Podium Free software. The interface is also user-friendly and musicians can without any hassle learn different things in the software.

NCH WavePad Audio

NCH WavePad Audio is a great free music recording software that is equipped with a lot of features. The interface of the software is not much cool like others but the software is effective when it comes to recording awesome songs. There are two paid versions also available for this application and are available for both Windows and MacOS. Some of the features include a wide range of audio effects, precise and easy to use sound editing tools, VST and DirectX plug-in support, audio restoration features, spectral analysis, and support for multiple audio formats. The software is used by many professionals for recording music for their videos and podcasts.


Traverso is another fully functional free digital audio workstation that is user-friendly and is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The main menu of the software has some amazing keyboard and mouse shortcuts which makes recording tracks easier for you. The developers claim that features are integrated so awesomely in this software that the users will learn everything along the way. You can also do non-destructive editing, can use plug-ins and edit the tracks without actually changing the sample. With lockless real-time audio processing, you can reduce latency and streamline performance. All in all, these and many features of this software are amazing considering it is a free music recording software.

These were our best 7 free recording software in 2020. We tried over 20 recording softwares and there was something unique and special about each one of these. The best thing about these softwares is that you can easily create a song at your fingertips without having to visit a music studio. As for some softwares, you can upgrade to the professional paid versions to avail full benefits of the software. That’s all from our side. Have a great time recording music!