5 Things to Know Before Playing Slots

By Mitch Rice

If you’ve been playing online slots for a while now, you will probably already have picked up a few hints and tips. However, if you’ve only just started and you’re wondering if there is any way you can make your experience better, here are five things you should know before playing slots that might just help you – discover some of the best videoslots.

Online Slots or Land Based Slots?

If you want to play slots you’ll need to decide whether you want online or land based games. Many people feel a slot game is going to be the same no matter where or how it is played, but this is not always going to be the case. Think of the odds, for example. Playing online slots will give you a slightly better chance of winning than if you were to play physical ones. That could be enough; it might be all you need to know. 

Of course, if it’s not just the game you’re thinking about but the entire casino experience, you will probably prefer physical slots. The difference in the odds isn’t very much at all, and when you[re in a land based casino you will have a completely different experience playing at home, which is what some people like. 

Beware The Welcome Bonuses

When you are playing online, you will be offered welcome and sign up bonuses from casino sites. These look great at first glance, and you can get free spins or a matched deposit from them, enabling you to play for longer or play with larger stakes. However, you do need to look at these bonuses closely before accepting them. They will come with wagering restrictions, and this means you will have to pay in a certain amount of your own money before you can withdraw anything. If you win, you could be left seriously out of pocket or you might have to leave your winnings behind if you don’t want to make a loss. Read the small print and you’ll understand exactly what you’re getting into. 

Good RTPs

There are many reasons to play slots, but something that can stand out for some is the high RTPs. The average RTP (return to player) is about 97 percent, and this means that for every one pound you put in, you’re likely to get 97p back again. It’s not guaranteed and is just an average, but it’s useful to know. Games with a higher RTP offer you a better chance of winning, and games with a lower RTP offers a lower chance of winning. Before you start, check out the RTP of the game and decide whether you are happy with the odds. 

Practice Makes Perfect

You will find that some online slots have demo modes where you can play the game without having to pay in any money. You won’t win any money either, even if the big jackpot arrives on the reels, but it is a good way to enjoy the fun of the game without losing out on your cash. It will also give you an idea of what the slot is like so you can practice and become better at it. Of course, this only refers to the bonus games and not the standard gameplay, as these usually require at least a little skill. 

You Can Get Addicted

Most of the time playing slots is a lot of fun, but you must remember one thing: it is easy to get addicted. Slots might start off as a little hobby, but over time this can grow into something problematic, so it’s good to be aware. Always play with a financial budget and a time limit, and never chase your losses and you will stand a better chance of enjoying the game and not becoming addicted. If you have an addictive personality, it’s best to stay away altogether.