7 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

By Mitch Rice

We all use Facebook to reach out to our loved ones, family, and friends. And groups are great for socializing, learning, buying and selling, event organization- in contrast, a safe space, away from the ‘noise’ of Facebook’s timeline.

Read on to know how you can use Facebook groups to help get hesitant prospects to buy more products or services from your business. You wouldn’t need to spend as much money promoting your products (compared to your competition) if you tried these strategies- proven to work to increase your exposure, traffic, leads, and conversion.

1. Create Your Fan Page for Fans/Followers and select Groups

Facebook made it much easier for businesses to interact with their audiences through groups. Person-to-person communication feels purposeful, memorable, and special- making members feel comfortable interacting with your brand. Now, take it one step further through your very own fan page for business presence, letting members talk to the person behind the brand.

Facebook lets you create another profile for your public or professional persona. Even though Facebook pages are open to the public, only you can post to your page. Create another secret group that’s away from the public timeline for your best customers. Your new think tank can get insider tips, deals and discuss new ideas you plan on implementing. Use this valuable and honest feedback to gain new insights into your business.

2. Maintain A Robust Brand Presence

Ensure that you or the team communicate to members in your Facebook groups helpfully. Your prospect will decide much quicker if they see you have a vibrant community, churning out positive vibes. It’s not a matter of the number of subscribers you have, rather how engaged they are. Many pages comprising 1000 members have more engagement than other communities with ten or even a hundred times the community.


Shout out to the top group contributors through a personalized message. Thanking them personally will make them feel special and want to continue contributing over time. Encourage members to share their experiences with your product, business, or services.

3. Reach Out/ Collaborate

Reach out to other groups within your niche to promote your business. Look at what other big companies do now and then to give you an idea of their marketing strategies. This research will help you avoid wasting time or money on ideas that just won’t work.

Peers in your business niche that are not your direct competition are always willing to collaborate with other businesses. For example, if you run a knitting shop, a brand that sells wool will be more than happy to promote your business.

4. Syndicate Your Blog and Make Notes

Hot leads (highly targeted audience) will likely go through your whole Facebook group, looking for just that bit of information that will move the needle. You can add notes to your pages, which can serve as some FAQ section and also become a funnel to your website and other social media pages.

Make sure your group’s content is comprehensive with links on the about section and occasionally on your posts as well. Use built-in features such as group search to recall posts quickly. Take screenshots of the most raving reviews because they are hard to find after some time. Showcase the screenshots in some of your notes as well. An unbiased, positive testimonial goes a long way into encouraging your prospects to whip out their credit cards because 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends.

  1. Start Facebook Events

Connect with your customers more effectively through Facebook events. Invite people into your workshop or seminar, enticing them with special offers for your business. Raving fans tuning in are much more likely to boost your business than other members. Additionally, group members will get to know you and each other too. Friends are made, and business is done.

  1. Produce or Steam Live Video with Facebook Live

Words are sometimes not enough to hook your prospects. Therefore, create videos regularly, with much better value than your close competition. Why not have a Q&A session from fans with Facebook live, updating them on your business and promotions. You could also learn a thing or two from members- information that might help your business.

  1. Special Offers and Sales

Everyone loves a bargain. If your stock of products needs clearing out, or you often launch new products, it would be great to give group members first light on deals. Your fans will feel happy and check on your group more often than they would on average. Before launching an offer, create buzz beforehand. You could show photos of the gorgeous product/s that will be on sale.

Market your offer as much as you can, for members to be on the double waiting to buy on the set date. Make sure you have a coordinated sales promotion, with set rules (such as sales only to repeat customers) and disclaimers to avoid confusion on the big and exciting day. You wouldn’t want to anger members in your community.


Facebook is the Swiss army knife of social media promotions for most businesses. Savvy marketers and business owners leverage groups to create a community of highly qualified leads on this social media platform. However, there are many rivals, so you’ll need to ensure you reach as many target audiences as you can. Use this tips and see your stock rise.