How Music Affects Slot Machines

By Mitch Rice

There is an opinion that players choose their favorite slot machines on CasinoChan based on how much they like the soundtrack. This factor is usually not taken into account, as the graphics, bonus features, and payouts are mostly noted. Yet, music and sounds do have a huge impact on gamblers’ choices, they  just usually don’t even realize it.

The Effect of Slot Machine Sounds and Music

Recently there is a new Kamchatka slot machine. So there the initial level of special effects seemed too loud, which interferes with a game. Although in this slot machine, you can adjust the volume of individual elements and make the special effects louder, they have left a negative impression of the game as a whole. After that, gamblers don’t want to play this slot again.

The effect of music from modern slot machines is especially noticeable if there is a lot of animation and special effects, such as Necromancer developed by EvoPlay. In addition to the soundtrack, various special effects and lines of the main character are added. Take all this away and the slot machine no longer seems so epic.

Play’n Go Has Created a Slot Based on the Song

The best developers today pay a lot of attention to the creation of sounds and music for slot machines. From time to time, they even invite quite famous musicians to record soundtracks. At Play’n GO Casino, for example, there is a slot called House of Doom. The song of the same name by Candlemass was written specifically for this slot machine.

The theme of the slot is the occult. The House of Doom slot machine offers the gambler to go to the dark side and try to explore it from the inside. After going through the destruction, pain, rage, and chaos, he will be able to get a worthy reward. On reels, gamblers see 3D images of occult objects.

On their website, the developer even noted that Martin Zettergren, who came up with the concept of the slot machine, came to the studio during the creation of the song to make sure that the game fits the music perfectly. That is, the main element here was the song. Around it, graphics and everything else were built.

After all, soundtracks from slots can be even better than for movies. Even people who are not involved in gambling heard the most popular tracks.