Which population strata plays more on online casinos?

By Mitch Rice

It hasn’t been much more than two decades since the world of online casino was first birthed, and in this time it has well and truly taken over the world. The sheer amount of new gamblers entering the casino world is staggering these days, however it also isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the inherent practicality associated with online casino, especially in relation to brick and mortar casinos – they are just so much easier to play! 

And there is another thing in relation to online casinos too, the fact that some of the games available on the platform are now wildly advanced. We’re talking about online slots, of course, a new industry that has arisen in the last two decades, and one that has essentially taken over the entire online gambling market. But here is a good question: which population strata plays more on online casinos? Read on for an in-depth exploration into the subject. 

The older generation 

So then, what do the older generation think of online casino? Well, in this case things can get a little distorted, because the older generation don’t generally tend to have the best grip on new technology, however they are also a lot less mobile than young generations, and will therefore find it harder to actually visit true brick and mortar casinos. 

Evidence is there to suggest that the older generation are getting more and more keen on the idea of online casinos, as there has been a surge in players from this demographic over the last decade. This also explains why developers have started out churning slightly simpler vintage style slots too, they are trying to appeal to an older market. Moreover, don’t forget about online bingo, a favourite past time for older people. 

The middle age generation 

On first glance the amount of online casino gamblers is the most pronounced in the middle age generation, especially with stay at home mothers or fathers who can end up having quite a large amount of free time these days. Online casino is perfectly poised to offer the middle age generation what they need, and these people often have more money to spend on gambling than most too. 

So, it would be tempting to say that the middle age generation are the population strata that plays the most on online casino, however there is one thing you have to consider too, and that is that these people are also the most likely to gamble in a brick and mortar casino. Regardless, we think many people would agree that the middle age generation are the population strata that play online casino the most.  

The younger generation 

In recent years the younger generation has become more and more enthused with the idea of online casinos, especially because of the remarkably complex and eye-catching online slots coming out these days. Another very important development has been that of mobile casino, with younger people spending a lot more time on their smartphones than other people.