What Beginners should know about Gambling

First of all, don’t rush into it! Take your time dipping your toe in and don’t spend all your money right away. The most important takeaway for a beginner just starting to gamble is to tip your toe in. Don’t go to Vegas for one night and blow every penny you own.

Be on the lookout for games you can play that don’t require much, or any, of your own money to get started. Any time you can play for free you are increasing your chances of winning, which could change your entire opinion of gambling.

Slot machines can be a lot of fun, but play with caution because the odds of winning are completely randomized. There is no such thing as a slot machine being due to payout big. Randomized odds mean you can win on your first spin or you might not ever win.

For games where you can control the odds a little more, try your hand at games of skill like poker or blackjack. Spending time practicing your card skills before betting money on a game could put you a notch ahead of competition who might not have as much skill as you.

While there is nothing you can do to beat the randomized odds of a game like slot machines, before you get started gambling you do want to read up on anything can do to increase your overall odds of being successful at an online casino.

Start for Free

A good way to start gambling is with CoolCat casino games for free, since you don’t have to spend any of your own money right away. Start out with slot machines, since you can play for little to no money and might hit it big! While slot machines are a lot of fun to play, make sure you don’t chase too after the big jackpot! Take your time with slot machines and find one you like based on graphics and gameplay so you can make the most of bonus money that is available.

You need to remember that you cannot improve the odds of winning at online slot machines since the odds are completely randomized. You are just as likely to win on your first spin as your last, and could spend all your money because you think the machine is due to pay out – spoiler alert, it’s not due.

You absolutely can take advantage of bonuses and free money to help make your money last longer, which sort of increases your odds of winning. Free is free, and even if you have to put some money down to get a bonus back, that is usually worth it too.

Casino Bonuses

Bonuses from casinos can be the easiest way to improve your odds, as you are essentially making your money worth more and stretch further giving you more chances to win.

Keep an eye out for these different types of bonuses:

  • Welcome bonuses – this means you should get free spins or free money just for signing up and registering an account with a casino


  • VIP bonuses – after you try out different casinos with their welcome bonuses, pick one or two that you enjoy the most and stick with them – casinos frequently give out bonuses the more you play as a thank you for staying loyal to their brand


  • Deposit bonuses – some casinos will match the amount of money you put into your account, making your money essentially worth double its value, and what’s better than a 50% sale?


There are usually more bonuses available depending on the different casinos. What you see above are the most common bonuses used by many casinos. Remember that the bonuses themselves are not going to increase your odds, playing more often does increase your odds, so by having more money to spend you can win more frequently.


Don’t be Afraid of Games of Skill

The games that require skill, like card games, are where you can really improve your odds of winning. While beginner’s luck is a thing and you might experience some lucky wins in the beginning, your odds increase if you know what you’re doing.

Practice to improve your skills is about the only thing you can do to increase your odds at gambling. While you still can’t control the outcome completely, you will put yourself in a better position. Practice on your own when you are not gambling. For games like poker there are free apps on your phone you can download and practice a hand whenever you have free time, which will make you a better player for when you are putting money on the line.

Just never forget that in poker the cards you draw are still randomized. Getting a bad hand of cards is not something you can change. Save your money for when you have a strong hand and don’t be afraid to fold when the cards are stacked against you.

Timing is Important

Play online during off peak times when you are playing against another live human and not the computer. Peak times are going to get the most competition and the strongest competition, so start at times of day that not many talented people are playing at.

You want to do this to practice against some weaker competition, and you can build your skills up. Then it won’t matter who your competition is! There’s no shame in trying to find some weaker opponents the first couple times you are playing.

Best Ways to Improve your Odds

Playing more is the best way to improve your odds. Not only will you have more chances to win, but when the games you play require skills you are going to find you are a more talented player after playing a while and you should win more frequently.

Don’t lose track of how much you are wagering. Don’t bet all of your money right away or you could lose it all before you had a chance to play much. Playing at a lower wager is perfectly fine. If you win, you can always throw that money into more games.