Understand the various types of sports bets

Many people like to participate in online games as it’s fun to bet on your favorite teams, especially in their free time. As you may be aware, sports bets are a great source of entertainment. 

Like online games, online gambling is another source of entertainment for many people as long as you have a good device with a reliable internet connection. You can access a variety of online sports and online games.

Common types of sports bets

Moneyline and win bets are used interchangeably and they mean the same thing. So depending on where you live, it may be called one thing over the other. For example, in the United States, money line wager is usually referred to as this type of bet. On the other hand, the rest of the world calls it a win bet to mean the same type of wager. 

Regardless of what you want to call it, you should remember that this type of bet is the basic one you can find around, such as at Buckybingo.co.uk. With this wager, you can simply choose who you think will win the match or game that you’re betting on. 


Many people in the United States quite often call this type of bet a total. The rest of the world calls this bet type an over or under bet. As explained before, all these names mean the same form of sports bet. 

If you’re a beginner, perhaps you should choose totals combined with win bets as they are very simple wager. When it comes to a totals bet, the sportsbook usually will offer a specified total related to a sporting event. 

In most situations, this total can be tied to the number of points that are scored in a match. Therefore, when you’re placing such wagers, you need to choose if you believe the total can get over or under the number set by the sportsbook.

That said, keep in mind that future bets and outright bets also refer to the same thing. With this wager, you select the winner of the overall competition, tournament, or league. In many cases, you can take a pick in advance before the actual sporting event occurs. This is the reason why it’s called futures that relates to these bets. Get to the official website to find more information about this.

Understand the totals

There is another bet that you can place on various sporting events known as a point spread wager. This type of wager is common in the United States. But there is another similar type of bet that is common in some parts of Europe and is called handicap betting. 

Ideally, these wager types have a common purpose as they both begin with a sportsbook to determine which of the teams they believe is likely to win the match. When that is done, they put a total number of points that they think a team may win the match by. Hence, it’s all up to you to choose if you believe that the pick done by the sportsbook is either over or understated.