Working of Live Casino Studios

Sometimes it could get mundane playing software-based casino games all by yourselves. Other times, players miss the charm of the land-based casinos where it is more than just gambling. Yes, you have human interaction there, be it with dealers or other players, that can help lit up your gambling endeavours. Hence, the developers have come up with live casinos. 

Live casinos are the best solutions for the punters looking to experience the land-based casino gambling onto the online world. There are several advantages to live casinos. However, the best one remains the solace of interacting with other humans. 

By interaction with humans, we mean you can chat with the live dealers as well as the players in your game room. As the iGaming business keeps growing, live casinos are actually getting way more popular than land-based casinos. 

But have you ever wondered what goes behind processing the entire set up of live casinos? Let’s catch up on all those details in our blog below!

Set up of the Live Casinos

Live casinos come with certain accurate setups that help conduct successful live gambling ventures. The set up generally includes:

  • Cameras: Essentially, for the players to see the entire game and the live dealer, the casino equips cameras. Yes, we say cameras because there are more than one sometimes depending on the game. 

For instance, a live blackjack game might come with just one camera feed showcasing the gaming table and the dealer. However, in the roulette game, you have 2-3 cameras focusing on different game setups. So, you have one camera focusing on the roulette wheel from the top, another from the side and one more on the roulette table. 

This is done to present players with a clear view of the game and show them that there are not conning the players.

  • Control Unit: Live games come with a control unit that helps you convey your gaming requirements to the dealers. This unit has certain pre-set options that can be used to play live. The unit includes options like wagering chips, betting options, and such.
  • Dealer’s Mic: The dealer actually speaks to you while dealing the game for you. So to convey his speech to you, the developers also have a mic in place.
  • Chat Option: While the dealer speaks to you, you can revert back to him through the chat option. This is, of course, just for an informal chat since the gaming requirements are conveyed through the control unit.
  • Chat Room: This is specifically designed for the players to gossip among themselves. This is applied in the games where there is more than one player at any particular table—for instance, live roulette or poker tables. 
  • Monitors: While players obviously have their own screen to view the game, the dealer’s got one too. That’s where he reads your gaming requirements and chats.
  • Game tables and Other setups: Live casinos also come with specific game tables for different games. Roulette table also includes a roulette wheel and ball. They also have enough card decks on each card game tables.

When all this is in place, with the help of internet connection, both the casinos and players can connect. So go ahead and try your luck at any online casino studio today!