How Music Makes Online Slots More Entertaining

By Mitch Rice

It’s very rare that music doesn’t add something extra to entertainment. Yes, playing music over football commentary may be annoying, and sure, nobody wants to hear drowning out a monologue. But for the most part, it only adds to the entertainment, mood and vibe of a video game, film or TV show.

While that’s generally a given, few people really consider the impact of music on other aspects of entertainment, and in particularly slots.

When you think of sounds and slots, it’s usually the jingle jangles of coins paying out or the bleeps of success, but they too have carefully crafted tunes to really add to the entertainment factor. But what is the point of it? And what does music actually add to slots?

Helps Develop a Theme

Across the likes of film and television, music is integral in developing the theme for a viewer and that’s the same in online slots in particular.


There are thousands upon thousands of slots across online casinos, with dozens of different themes from the luck of the Irish, to prehistoric, ancient Egypt, the Wild West and more. In fact, you’ll find many slots these days inspired by film and TV shows too.

And while the graphics will do much of the leg work when it comes to setting the scene, the soundtrack has a big part to play too. For example, in Wild West themed slots you’ll hear plenty of guitar music, while TV show slots will often use the theme tune or music linked to the show to create a more authentic gaming experience.

Adds and Builds Tension

All casinos and game developers want players to be entirely immersed in a game, and this is where music plays a bigger role and increases the entertainment tenfold. Like in movies where the plot is about to reach a climax, music helps power that and hook the audience in.

There’s so much tension within slot play, whether it be making your first spin, or coming towards the end of a bonus game, and music helps create that.

Progressive slots are an excellent example of this as they offer players payouts in the millions and music helps add that extra element of excitement as players chase the jackpot.

For those who aren’t exactly sure what is a progressive slot machine and how to use it, they’re essentially like regular slots but every time they are played a portion of the stake gets added to the jackpot, with the jackpot therefore increasing every time it is played, until it is then won.

This has led to some record breaking wins that have seen players win tens of millions of dollars, and more often than not the jackpot will stand upwards of one million. It’s high stakes playing and with it comes high tension music.

Keeps Players Alert

One of the perks of playing slots online, compared to in real-life casinos, is the ability to use auto-spin, a function which allows players to play a set number of times without pushing a button.

What this does tend to do however is take people’s concentration away from the game. Therefore sound plays a large part in identifying a win or particular moment in a game, such as a bonus round.

By keeping players alert during these moments, it creates a more enjoyable experience as players are paying much more attention to wins and fun bonus rounds, but equally the music, in this instance, would mean players are also paying less attention to losses.

Progressing the Story

Music is always used to progress a story or help tell one in film and with more and more slots now going above and beyond to create a story and flow, then it is used in the same way.

Many slots will now see you have to complete a mission rather than simply spin and win, and that can vary from following specific film plots to completely unique plotlines created by the game’s developers.

In order to advance within that story, music plays a big part, building at a pace during tense moments, while many will look to create romance, excitement, humour and much more all dependent on the theme of the slot.

Slots have come a long way from the three reel fruit machines of yesteryear, and now graphics, video and sound all play a major part in a player’s gaming experience. The storytelling is advancing and there’s influence from films and the more traditional console games as casinos look to take their customer experience to the next level. And it’s working too…