What characteristics are shared between musicians and professional gamblers?

By Mitch Rice

Music is still one of the jewels in the crown for the arts sector and is important to our lives. With the sheer range of artists out there to listen to and the selection of genres to enjoy, it is always there when we need it. From picking us up when we are down to getting us in a party mood, music is the melodic backbone to how we live. This has naturally made music one the biggest entertainment sectors, especially when music streaming is factored in.

Online casinos are also a major entertainment niche, and this industry makes multi-billions per year. With the chance to win big money at online events and also top offline ones, this has seen many people take up gambling in a professional sense. While it might seem that these two worlds might exist far apart, it is interesting to see just what common characteristics musicians and pro gamblers share.

But what might these be?

Constant practice to improve

All top musicians need to practice on their instrument regularly to develop their technique. Doing this allows them to become better players, and to bring more to the table when they play with others. Of course, bands also need to rehearse regularly to tighten up and get ready to play live.

Professional gamblers have this same characteristic for dedication and practice. They will also spend many hours every day trying to improve. They may also spend time looking for the best no deposit bonus codes to use at online casinos, as this gives them free money to play with. For more information on how these bonuses work and which casinos to use them at, check out Bonusseeker.com. It is a reliable online casino review website that can tell you all you need to know.

Thorough understanding of their craft

There is no doubt that top musicians are masters of their craft and their instrument. Whatever instrument top muso’s play, you can bet they not only understand how to get the best out of it but also all the quirks it might have. This understanding of their instrument’s complexities is what allows them to do things that are truly astounding.

The same is also true for pro gamblers. Although it is their game of choice rather than an instrument they have mastered, they still exhibit the same qualities when playing. Pro gamblers must still know the complexities of their game and all the minor rules or quirks which it might involve. By gaining this kind of higher-level knowledge, they can use it to succeed.

Ability to perform in front of a crowd

If you fall to pieces as soon as you start playing to a crowd, you will not last long in the music business! It is true that all successful acts come alive in front of a crowd. One look at The Doors playing in 1967 at the American Bandstand shows exactly what this means.

The same characteristic is also something shared by professional gamblers. They play at major tournaments in front of large crowds who are watching their every move. If you think about online streaming, the top events can easily have pro gamblers playing in front of millions. This means they also need the right temperament to perform when a crowd is present.

Nerves of steel

Sometimes the action in pro gambling events can get pretty intense, such as in the World Series of Poker event in 2019. There are often large sums of money at stake on any one hand and lots going on. This could be anything from people bluffing to having to quickly work out what is the best thing to do. The best gamblers know how to hold their nerve when emotions are running high and not make costly mistakes.

But what of musicians? They also share this trait and have the ability to hold their nerve. It is hard to know just what it feels like to walk out on stage in front of a packed arena or club. Musicians are not super-human but do have the ability to not panic when put in this situation.

Music and gambling can crossover

As the above shows, there is a real crossover in the traits shared by pro gamblers and top musicians. The main takeaway is that both approach their chosen field with a real respect and passion in order to succeed.