7 Times That Musicians Gave Back In 2020

By Mitch Rice

All artists that have integrity know that they have a responsibility to use their platform for good. Thankfully, many famous musicians such as Bono and Elton John have continuously used their fame and fortune to fight against diseases, injustices, and emergency relief. Since people have different passions, there are a variety of ways that artists choose to give back. From scheduling furniture to be donated to a Goodwill Pickup to investing in afterschool programs, there are so many ways that artists can make a charitable impact. This year, many celebrity musicians have chosen to contribute to racial equality initiatives and COVID-19 relief efforts. In this article, we will share seven incredible ways that artists gave back in 2020.

1. The Weeknd

Six months into 2020, The Weeknd decided to give $1,000,000 to aid in the fight against the pandemic. A portion of this funding went to MusiCares while the other percentage went to support front-line workers. Thousands of people have been impacted due to his generosity.

2. Halsey

Halsey is very passionate about using her platform to raise awareness and fight injustice. This year, she donated to organizations that are fighting racial inequality across the country. In addition, she shared content from a variety of organizations that are fighting to end white supremacy.

3. Shakira

Originally, Shakira is from Colombia. This year, she used her wealth to donate ventilators and N-95 masks to healthcare workers that are working in her hometown. Because of her assistance, many individuals were able to maintain their health in COVID-19 environment.

4. Cardi B

Cardi B partnered with a fashion brand to donate $1,000,000 to individuals who are suffering from the pandemic. Cardi B and Fashion Nova worked together to engage donors and raise awareness about the importance of relief during this time.

5. Lil Nas X

Over the last 12 months, Lil Nas X has encouraged individuals to fight against injustice with facts and funding. At a time when many people were choosing to be silent on social media, he took a different approach and chose to invest in the organizations that he believes in.

6. Justin Bieber

As people grew in fear of China amid the early days of the pandemic, Justin Bieber chose to donate to the Children’s Aid Foundation in Beijing. Justin recognized the turmoil that was taking place across this country and wanted to help Chinese citizens.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is passionate about giving back to organizations across the country. This year, Taylor was touched by the story of two women who were unable to pay their rent during the pandemic. Facing unemployment and looming bills, these two Nashville residents were struggling to make ends meet. Taylor donated $13,000 to help them get through this difficult season.


Many musicians have taken the opportunity to use their platform for good, and more awareness is being brought to important global issues because of this. If musicians continue to use their platform to make a difference, we will see more support being given to important domestic and international nonprofit organizations.