Famous Casino Scandals with Basketball Players

By Mitch Rice

This article is about the involvement of Basketball players in the Famous Casino scandals. Before we go any further, you should know that the authorities could catch these players, so they can face punishments and penalties regardless of how famous they are. Hence, you should not try this in any casino. People have been trying to scam top online casinos from https://roligacasinon.se/casinos for decades, and they usually end up in jail. Hence, it is better to understand the consequences before you start regretting them. So let’s start with the top three casino scandals that involved basketball players:

1.      Point Shaving

This scandal involved 32 basketball players from different schools around the United States of America. The Kentucky team suffered a dent in the team’s career and reputation after discovering their point-shaving scheme in 1951. The authorities banned them from playing a complete season in 1951. The team was equal to the power and popularity of the Dodgers and Yankees. These 32 players were from seven different schools, and it was a main setback for the college football tournaments. Most players were in the 1950’s team of CCNY and first to win the NIT and NCAA tournaments. The school discontinued the association with players.

2.      Mob Ties

Imagine if a criminal meets up with a basketball celebrity for gambling purposes. Top financial criminals keep on engaging players from different sports and manipulate them for their malicious activities. Similarly, from 1978 to 1979, Rick Kuhn, an NCAA basketball player playing for the Boston College team, teamed up with rich criminals for the money. From the famous Lucchese crime family, Henry Hill also insisted him to involve other players from his team. Kuhn successfully manipulated his two teammates for $10,000. These three players lost points helping Hill win the bets throughout the season. He was able to win more than $100,000. However, after the investigation, Kuhn was prisoned for 28 months for the involvement with Henry Hill in this heist.

3.      Wire Fraud

Tim Donaghy, a famous NBA referee, was found guilty of receiving payments in multiple games for his decisions. He was in 14 seasons and officiated more than 800 games. He was confiscated in July 2007 and suspended for conspiring information. He was fined $500,000 and suffered prison for 15 months.

His scandal involves two suburban Philadelphians. Tim leaked private information so they can utilize the information for betting. They won many bets with their desired outcomes. However, there is no proof that he was involved in favoring any team for the bets, but his involvement with the betting on the games was enough to prove him guilty. However, he accused many players and referees of involving in outcomes for maximizing the TV ratings. However, with a lack of evidence, the court found all his claims baseless, and of no value, so the leagues declined his accusations on those players. However, to avoid such incidents in the league, authorities had taken various measures for the future.


Exposing the scams by famous personalities and sportsman does not portray a negative image with the players. Many celebrities play free online slots using https://roligacasinon.se/slots  and casinos honestly without negatively affecting their names and teams’ reputations. Sports organizers spend a lot of effort and time to keep the enjoyment level of their guests high. Manipulating their system with such a big face can be intimidating for celebrities and surprising for their fans. Celebrities should care more about their reputation and fans before they involve themselves in such incidents.