Is Giving CBD Treats To Your Cat A Good Idea?

I believe it’s not an exaggeration to say that we would do just about anything we can in order to keep our pets healthy and in good shape. It’s also not an exaggeration to say that these little creatures can make things difficult for us sometimes. While we sure do love them, the truth is that the responsibility of taking care of them can sometimes just be too much. And yet, that doesn’t mean that we will give up. In fact, we’ll just keep trying harder to make them happy and healthy, since our pets are our family.

Still, some members of our families can sure be a pain in the neck, with their idea of the world revolving solely around them and of you being a diligent servant. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I’m referring to cats here. Those little devils can sure make you feel like you are a guest in your own home at times. Yet, you love them and you hope that they love you back. Here is what they really think about you.

It doesn’t really matter if your cat is loving and affectionate or if it is a tiny, dominant and rude being that thinks it owns you and everything around you. Well, okay, it might definitely matter, but the point is that you will do your best to keep them healthy regardless of their personality. After all, this dominant trait of theirs can just be so damn cute sometimes, am I right?

In any case, I’m not here to talk about your cat’s personality traits and its cuteness, although I’m sure that it probably does a lot of extremely cute things during the course of one day. That’s a topic for a different day, though. Here, we are going to focus on their health in particular, since you still need to care for them, even if they look at you menacingly at least 90% of the time.

As you probably already know, caring for your cat starts with managing its diet and making sure that it gets all the nutrients it needs, as well as that it avoids eating foods that aren’t good for it. In addition to giving it food, you will most likely need to give them supplements and medicines from time to time, for one reason or another. When you find yourself in a situation like that, you certainly want to know which products are good and safe for it and which actually aren’t.

There is one supplement in particular that I want to talk to you about today. I don’t know if you have heard this yet, but the Cannabidiol industry has started making CBD cat treats a long time ago, and those seem to have become rather popular among many feline owners. That must make you wonder. Is giving these treats to your pets a good idea, or should you refrain from doing that? Well, that’s exactly what we are here to find out, so let’s get started.

What Are CBD Cat Treats?

Of course, if you really want to find out whether these are good for your felines or not, you will need to start by learning the very basics about the products. CBD treats are infused with one rather important and interesting compound that can be found in the cannabis plants and that is called Cannabidiol. Before we go any further, I want to make one thing clear here.

Even though Cannabidiol does come from cannabis plants, it doesn’t immediately mean that it’s psychoactive. Cannabis actually contains more than a hundred compounds and only one of those can produce psychedelic effects. That one is called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and there’s no room for it in products made for our animals. To put things simply, you don’t need to worry that your feline will get high on these treats, because it most certainly won’t.

Are They Completely Safe?

Now that you know these aren’t psychoactive, you are probably ready to give them to your cat, right? Well, I don’t think so. You are probably still concerned about the safety of these products and, of course, you also want to know if they are actually good for anything. So, let me answer those questions one at a time, starting with the one about safety.

A lot of research has been done on this particular compound before all those products made for our pets entered the marker. During those studies and researches, it was discovered that CBD cannot cause any serious side effects to your animal, especially if you stick to the recommended dosages. So, it appears that CBD cat treats are, in fact, perfectly safe for your felines.

Read more about safety here:

What Are They Good For?

Before you decide whether you want to buy these for your cats, you’ll want to hear what they can do. First things first, these products can be used as supplements to promote your feline’s overall health, boost its metabolism, regulate its sleep and its appetite. That, however, is not all.

In addition to being a supplement, Cannabidiol can also serve as a medicine for various ailments. It treats pain, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, seizures and even helps treat cancer. If you ask me, those are all some pretty great reasons to introduce your cat to the world of Cannabidiol and get it a bag of CBD treats.