Ultimate Guide to Playing Drums in 2021

By Mitch Rice

Drums are considered to be one of the first musical instruments created by humankind. The first drums that were found by scientists are dated 5500-2350 BC. They belong to the Neolithic cultures. Apparently, drums were used in multiple rituals and shamanistic ceremonies that were considered as sacred. Numerous modern cultures still keep this legacy and play drums, performing native music. You can get to know more about this instrument by visiting Simple Drums, a popular resource for drummers. Now you can learn the basics of how to succeed in learning to play drums.

Make a Practice Schedule

It is always hard to begin. You have to postpone some other activities and make a room for your drums. If you don’t want to sacrifice anything, you may start with creating a smart schedule for your practice. It will make everything easier even if it does not look like now.

Before you create a working schedule, you have to consider whether the room you are going to practice is available at this time and whether you are not busy with your work or home chores. Try not to break your newly arranged schedule. It will get better and easier to keep up with it after several days. Pick the days you want to practice your music. It can be every day or twice a week. The quantity of lessons depends on your personal goals.

Learn the Drum Beats

Before you start practicing, you have to buy a practicing kit with drums and drumsticks. If your drums are still not there, you may start practicing with drumsticks on the pillow or table. You also have to make sure that your actions do not disturb other people.

Check multiple tutorials available on YouTube or similar platforms. There is a wide range of apps for those who want to start learning drums. The first thing you have to learn is:

  • How to put together your drum set. Practice the moves until they become automatic;
  • How to sit behind the drums. It is important for the music you will produce. The wrong postureand you will not be able to perform music for a long time. Besides, if it becomes your habit, you will have to re-learn how to sit properly after some time;
  • The way to hold the drumsticks and use them on the drums. It will make your drumming experience better, and learning more efficient. You may feel a little bit unusual to play with drumsticks at first, even if you had an experience with other instruments before. To get rid of this feeling and be able to concentrate on music, you need lots of practice;
  • Timekeeping basics.

The first lesson you take does not have to teach you how to play the complicated melody. You may choose tutorials that suit better to your level. If you have played before, and all you need is to refresh your memory, this is an entirely different type of tutorial. If you know music notes, you can start with something more complicated. If you have never played before, don’t know how to hold the drumsticks, and how to sit properly, start with the very beginning.

Begin with learning the basic beat. Practice it for many hours. It may be difficult at first, but after some time, you will get used to it. Eventually, you will play drums like a pro.

Learn the Fills

After you learn the basic beat and all of the essentials that were mentioned before, you have to pay attention to the drum fills. They are important for any drummer, no matter the music genre. A usual drumbeat can make up almost a whole song. However, it is the drum fill that makes a song more unique and juicy.

The fill includes cymbals’ crashes, a tom roll, and sometimes, a change in the bit. You can play the standard beat you’ve learned, adding fills inside. Don’t expect the masterpiece from the first attempt. You will have to practice a lot before receiving the results you want.

Metronome Is a Must

Many musicians do not like metronomes, considering them too boring and old-fashioned. However, they are must-have tools for drummers. You may find a wide range of metronome apps for all mobile platforms. Download one app and improve your rhythm.

Drummers use the standard measurement for music, which is BPM or beats per minute. If you don’t trust your own sense of rhythm, you can rely on the metronome. It will help you to become better and learn the timing properly. To practice the beat, you can slow or faster the metronome in your app.

How Hard Can It Be?

Learning drums requires both concentration and devotion to the lessons. It may not be that easy since you have to practice a lot. Before your attempts start to show results, there may be a great temptation to give up many times. The main advice is to never give up, as talent is usually only the ability to hold on longer than others. Drums can be fun, even though they are challenging, like any musical instrument. To keep you motivated, watch the concerts, learn from the legendary drummers, or just enjoy funny movies about drummers. There is no better time to learn how to play drums than 2021.