Celebrities Who Don’t Know How to Drive

By Mitch Rice

Not everyone knows to drive, and the list can include celebrities, rich and powerful people. As soon a car enthusiast hits 18 years, he/she gets a driving license. Teenagers get their driving license for the sake of freedom to ride to their school while other ride to adventure and some really wait until they turn adult.

Getting a driving license is common in today’s world; however, some well-renowned celebrities decided to keep stunt doubles to drive their car. It seems like applying for a driver’s license is hard. Actually, it’s not. The process begins with getting a learner’s driving test and advancing further as you pass the Hazard Perception Test. Begin with the online demo tests for free while choosing a category based on your license and finally take the exam and pass it. It saves both your time and money.

Mariah Carey

The famous diva Mariah Carey is one of the celebrities who refuse to drive on her own. After failing a couple of times in driving license tests, she decides not to take the test again. She recently turned 52 and still has a personal driver to take her to work and interviews.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is known for her popular franchise Harry Potter. She’s famous around the world and has done things one would only imagine in their lifetime, but she is not comfortable driving her car. It’s not that she doesn’t want to drive a car; she doesn’t have a driving license as well as doesn’t know how to drive one.

Lena Dunham

We actually thought Lena Dunham drives herself to her work, but that’s not the case. The co-creator of the famous TV shows Girls lives in New York. Thus, her lifestyle can be the reason why she doesn’t want to get extra anxiety driving through work and dealing with lights and traffic.

Chris Aguilera

Chris Aguilera, a pop artist, admitted that she doesn’t like to drive. She certainly has a driving license, but she doesn’t fall into the category where you’ll drive yourself to work. Chris is either concerned about the pollution her vehicle produces, or she is terrified to drive; the fact is she doesn’t like being behind the wheel. On Jimmy Kimmel’s show with Chris Aguilera aired in 2011, she admitted she has turned 30 by now and doesn’t like to drive independently.

Daniel Radcliffe

It seems everyone entitled to the Harry Potter franchise doesn’t like driving on their own. Later we talked about JK Rowling who gets anxious driving her car; similar seems to be Daniel Radcliffe‘s case. Daniel is off the internet, and we know very little about his personal life; a trusted media reported that he got his driving license in 2014 but didn’t know how to drive well.

If Daniel Radcliffe happens to play a part in the Fast and Furious franchise, he would probably ask if there is any role that doesn’t need driving.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams doesn’t know to drive and even doesn’t have a driving license in the first place. Robert doesn’t mind not having a driving license as he seems to enjoy ride-sharing services and public transportation.

The irony is Robert wrote a song for the famous movie, Cars 2 and still, he’s comfortable for not having a driving license. We actually hope he gets his license by the time the next Car franchise drops.

Christina Aguilera

You can find Christina Aguilera signing at cars at the event hosted by Mercedes-Benz; you’re mistaken if you think she can drive. It’s not surprising at all for busy celebrities to drive on their own, but Christina seems not to have a driver’s license as well.  She even tried to give the test when she turned 21 but failed; now, she relies on her driver to take her to work and parties. She lived in Los Angeles and admitted she’s terrified to drive around the city with paparazzi and to run over them; it seems more like she doesn’t want to get into any road issues.

Rick Gervais

If you are rich enough, you don’t have to drive on your own; this might be the case with Ricky Gervais. Ricky admitted his inability to drive a car to the media “The Mirror.” When Jeremy Clarkson was fired from the UK car series, everyone wanted Rick Gervais to take the position. He then pointed out to the audience that he would not be the best host as he doesn’t know to drive.

Tina Fey

A comedian giving up her driving her own car is no joke. Tina Fey reported the reason behind it being an accidental event that happened to her while she was filming for a commercial. She might not know to drive well and develops a sort of anxiety driving a car.

Ed Sheeran

We often see Ed Sheeran with cars in his music album but the boomer that he doesn’t know to drive. He said that he actually doesn’t care about having a driving license. It was until 2015 he got his driving license; however, he’s afraid of driving on his own. He often asks his friends and families to drive him to the concerts.

Cardi B

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, aka Cardi B, can afford dozens of luxury cars; however, she cannot drive one. She has a personal driver who takes her places. She actually reported on James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke that her cars in the garage are just for photo-shoots. She recently attempted to get the driving license but failed as she tapped the cones in the parking lot.

It’s not surprising as most celebrities have chosen not to drive since they are wealthy enough to hire someone to drive daily. Above is a list of celebrities who skip driving on their own to work. They could be seen endorsing a car for several brands and don’t know how to drive. Living a luxurious life doesn’t make celebrities an absolute need to get a driving license or drive one.