Why Should You Try MCT Oil Mixed With CBD Oil

Are you an avid CBD user? Do you want to feel more of the effects CBD has to offer but can’t seem to figure out how?

There are many ways to take CBD, and you probably already know the method of ingestion plays a huge role in how quickly your body feels the effects, as well as how much your body will end up using.

If you prefer to take your CBD in supplement form rather than in tincture form, you could benefit significantly by combining it with MCT oil.

Keep reading to learn why you should combine CBD and MCT oil for the best CBD experience.

What Is MCT Oil?

First, let’s discuss what MCT oil even is. MCT, short for medium-chain triglyceride, is a saturated fatty acid known as triglycerides, which contains six to ten carbons. MCT oil is made up of one, or sometimes more than one MCT.

In recent years, MCT oil has boosted in popularity because of its health benefits.

It’s easily digestible, and the way the body processes the fats are linked to several health benefits.

Coconut oil has an abundant source of MCTs. You can also find it in palm oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Benefits of MCT Oil

The health benefits of MCT oil are numerous. It is often used as a supplement put in salads, coffee, or smoothies because of all it has to offer.

MCT is considered a source of rapid energy because it enters cells without being broken down.

It can also increase metabolic health, boost immunity, and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

It’s no wonder MCT oil is getting so popular, as these benefits don’t even include all this oil can do for CBD.

How CBD Reacts in the Body

Now that you understand what MCT oil is, it’s time to discuss what it can do for CBD. First, you must understand how CBD works in the body.

Ingesting CBD is the most common method, especially in supplemental capsule or soft gel form. This is most likely because it is the easiest, and you can get the most precise dosage.

It’s also true that more people are used to taking pills, while very few are used to taking tinctures.

However, taking CBD sublingually, or putting drops under your tongue, is actually the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD.

Ingesting CBD takes the longest because it has to pass through the digestive tract and through the liver before it reaches the bloodstream.

This takes a long time, and it breaks down some of the CBD, which means your body is only feeling a partial amount of what you took.

When you take CBD orally, the supplement’s active ingredients are absorbed by the digestive system. The compounds are then broken down in the stomach and absorbed in the small intestine before going to the liver.

What MCT Does for CBD

The CBD breaks down into over a hundred metabolites in the liver, where most of them are thrown out. This decreases the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream significantly, which is where MCT oil comes in.

MCT oil acts as a sort of transporter for CBD, so more of it can reach your bloodstream in order for you to feel its full effects.

You can often find MCT oil already blended together with CBD oil for this purpose.

CBD is fat-soluble, as are other cannabinoids, so they will always work the best when mixed with saturated fats such as MCT.

MCT oil helps CBD avoid the process of getting broken down in the liver altogether. This means that instead of getting only four percent of the capsule you took, you’ll end up getting ninety to a hundred percent.

When a larger concentration of CBD can reach your bloodstream, it will seem much more effective, helping to relieve your pain or anxiety.

How to Use CBD and MCT Oil

As said before, if you prefer to take CBD supplements, combining this with MCT is a great way to get the most out of your CBD.

There are particular capsules you can find that already have the mixture made for you.

However, if you like to use CBD oil, there are still many benefits of using a kind that is mixed with MCT oil. When you take a combination of both, you’re reaping the benefits of both.

While CBD can provide you pain relief, MCT will also be giving your immune system a boost while making your CBD even more effective.

Most importantly, MCT is completely natural, so you won’t be adding anything to your CBD that you wouldn’t want in your body.

If you like to make edibles, you can use CBD mixed with MCT oil without wondering how effective your edible will be.

Etanicals is a great place to find a CBD and MCT oil mixture, so you don’t have to do it yourself. They specialize in high-quality botanical products, so you’ll never wonder if your CBD lacks concentration.

Learn more about Etanicals here, and you’ll be sure to have the highest quality CBD and MCT oils available.

Getting the Most Out of Your CBD

Taking CBD is widely beneficial, and as it gains popularity, more ways to use it are being discovered.

Combining CBD and MCT oil is a great way to reap all the benefits while introducing some new ones.

If you are taking CBD, you want it to work and work fast. But you should be able to take it in any form of your choosing. Next time you buy CBD, look for some with MCT oil. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes!

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