How to Learn Driving Without Owning a Car

A driver’s license is vital when you have responsibilities to move places to work. It’s a piece of legal document that lets you drive your vehicle. You need to pass the written exam test and the actual driving test to get the driver’s license.

Now, you might be wondering if you can learn to drive without owning a car in the first place; it’s absolutely possible. Fear not! Here in the article, we will help you with comprehensive tips that make you test-ready.

Get a learner’s permit

It usually takes months to get the permit, depending on one state to another. Usually, you can get the permit if you visit DMV and DOT websites and take the written test. By the time your written exam comes, prepare yourself with the handbook of notes and guides. Please do not subscribe to the third-party written test preparation services; instead, follow the government’s instructions.

When you pass your written exam, you would need to pass the basic physical test that includes a hearing test, vision test, which are crucial while driving. A visually and hearing impaired is not advised to apply for the test; you could meet unavoidable situations.

After you get a learner’s permit, you might be eager to know what’s next. It’s the Hazard Perception Test; you would need to give the HPT test to advance yourself from learners to P1 license. It’s one of the toughest tests to get through, but the perception test online should help you pass the test easily. It’s free to practice as you will be saving lots of money and time. Through the test, you will be mindful of scanning hazards, selecting safe gaps, and keeping a safe distance in your surroundings.

Get a professional instructor

If you haven’t ever driven a car, you must get an instructor to help you teach how to drive. This step comes second after you get the learner’s permit ready. Professionals know every bit of tips to help you drive better than your friends and relatives. First, you must know the difference between “just driving” and “good driving.” A habit of driving you to learn first becomes your go-to instance for the whole times; thus, learn to drive in a good manner.

You can do Google or Bing search to find the professional instructor around you. It’s their responsibility to teach you how to apply brakes, clutch, and gas pedal at the same time how to reverse, accelerate and look for traffics. Talk with your instructor friendly so that they can address if you have any issue and try to solve it.

Practice with your friends or family 

After you are done practicing with an instructor, now you can freely learn to drive with your family and friends. Ask an experienced member of your family to help you with techniques in different road conditions. Driving school has a set of rules and instructions that might not be familiar while driving with passengers.

After you are done with learning, you would not need a friend; what you all need is a driving license. Ask a friend if he could risk giving his car to drive to a newbie; if he believes in your ability, you will learn to drive in no time. While you are driving around, stop the car and look at the road condition. The car wheel behaves differently with different road conditions, and if you apply a hard brake on a slippery road, you might end up jolting the car. Learn to drive on highways, wet roads, off-roads, and heavy traffic. It would be best if you also are comfortable turning reverse and drive around on narrow roads.

Take a driving test

At the time you think you are proficient enough to drive, take a driving test. It’s the final learner’s test you are taking to get the document, thus work your way with full confidence.  Most of the driving test has an examiner sitting aside at the passenger’s seat. Most of the case you are required to drive in examiner’s car, but there could be a case where you have your own vehicle to give the test. At the time you can ask for your friend or family.

If possible, schedule the test in the weather possible. You ought not to end up cursing weather in case you fail the test. Confidence is the key while you take your driving test. You will be encountered with several road conditions that might surprise you; take a deep breath and gently drive your way through those conditions.

While you take a driving test, examiners are looking for ways to think you are not ready to hold the license. During the test, listen carefully and read all the instructions. You are required to follow traffic lights and signals. Followings are the boosters that help you feel at ease while taking a driving test.

  1. Inspect the condition of the car, adjust mirrors and make sure every light is lit properly.
  2. Learn to feel the position of wheels; this is extremely important as you won’t be seeing wheels while you drive. At the time of parking and driving through potholes, knowing the position of the wheel helps you drive smoothly.
  3. Know parking techniques. There are two conventional ways you can park your car; these are named perpendicular parking and parallel parking. While you park, make sure you don’t scratch any part of the car.
  4. Stop using clutch time and again. Learners have a habit of pressing the clutch pedal every time they want to slow the vehicle; it may damage the plates. Use clutch only at the time you shift gears.
  5. Also, do not brake hard when you drive through a wet road. Look at the road closely and react to the condition. If you encounter puddles along the road, slow down the vehicle and smoothly go through the holes and puddles.
  6. Look for vehicles in front of you while you are in heavy traffic. Keep a meter or two distance when you are stuck in traffic; that should mitigate the risk of being in an accident.
  7. Do not turn wheels before making the right or the left turn.

It’s exciting as well as dangerous driving behind the wheel. Learning to drive a car is not that hard as it seems; it just requires a clear mindset and confidence. You can either rent a car or ask your friends and family member to lend the car to learn to drive. Particularly you don’t need to have a car by yourself.