Popular wedding dances: from timeless classics to creative modernity

By Mitch Rice

The right music creates a relevant mood at every event —  your wedding isn’t the exception. It is better when a wedding playlist is full of popular songs so that the whole audience is engaged in dances. It is where you will find out which songs are the most trendy for your first dance, a dance with dad and mum, etc. We also have mentioned well-known line dance songs for your guests to be interested in and involved in a common wedding dance.

First dance options

When it comes to the first dance, calm and waltzing music immediately comes to mind. But the first dance is not limited to a waltz. Besides, the waltz is not always easy to do, and it is better to choose a dance easier to deal with at such an emotional moment but something that will interest you. Today, many creative first dance variations will surprise your guests, and in most cases, make it easier for you to rehearse.

In fact, more and more couples today are opting for hip-hop among popular wedding dances to cheer up the audience at the beginning of the wedding. Why not?


It is probably one of the most effortless and most excellent popular wedding dances and takes the least time to prepare. The dance includes small rotations, turns, and free swaying. Both partners’ hands are joined, while the bride’s other arm is on the groom’s shoulder and the groom’s arm on the bride’s waist.

It is better to prefer calm, romantic, and melodic songs. For example, Jordan Mackampa’s “Love at First Sight” song, Elton John’s “Your Song”, Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” song, etc.


This dance resembles a boogie and takes you straight back in time. If you’re in favor of a vintage style, this dance is a great option. The moves are energetic, fast, and lively with sharp turns, partial leaps, and tapping feet. So it’s best to seek help from a choreographer and don’t forget to think about comfortable clothing: change your long wedding dress into a “flirty” knee-length dress and a more comfortable suit for the groom.


It combines the classic waltz and energetic swing — a medium tempo with moderately vigorous movements and turns. Besides, today there are many modern songs for this dance, and your long dress will not be superfluous here. So if a waltz is corny for you and swing is a thing of the past, it is just the dance for you.


A dance for an energetic couple with “Spanish roots”. They are relatively fast dances with rapid tempos and distinct/precise movements. The best music for this dance would be Latin songs (but this is not obligatory), and the best outfit is a loose dress that won’t restrict movement.

Father Daughter & Mother Son Dances

You can relax after an energetic first dance and prepare a slow dance with daddy or mummy that doesn’t require any sudden movements. The best thing is to play your and your dad’s or mum’s favorite song and enjoy a moment of pleasant swaying to the beat of the music, with the groom holding mum by the waist and dad holding his daughter (the bride) by the waist too. For example, you may pick out “Daughters” by John Mayer, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart, etc.

Of course, if you are willing and your father or mother is a choreographer, why not do something more energetic. It will take longer to learn the dance, so if you decide to learn it with your dad or mum, make sure both parties are ok with it.

Wedding line dances

Here are dancing options for all guests to get them up from their seats and quickly get involved in the general wedding festivities. Let guests know ahead of time what kind of dancing awaits them so they can prepare in advance and be in the loop when they hear a catchy song.

“Cupid Shuffle” (Cupid)

Probably it’s one of the most groovy and energetic popular wedding dances (in America, that’s for sure) that everyone knows from 2007 when it was first released.

“The Macarena” (Los Del Rio)

The song that has been climbing all the top charts for years. Since its first release in 1993, more than one generation has heard the beats of this song. Also, the moves are easy, so your guests can do it without any training.

“Wobble” (V.I.C.)

Those vigorous swaying motions will leave no one behind. Everyone will want to join in this flash mob, as swinging to the cool beats is something everyone can do.

The last thoughts

Choose dances and music according to your preference and the theme of the wedding. Make your movements natural and lively, and don’t forget that you are at a wedding, not a dance competition —  no one will notice mistakes here. Keep in mind a smile, sincere movements, and excellent mood to make your wedding dance the best ever.