Things to avoid when playing slots

Are you frustrated when you play online slots?

It is not uncommon for slot players to get bored, annoyed or even angry when playing slots. There are many reasons for this. Some are to do with the slot games themselves but sometimes it is down to the player doing something wrong – claim 500 free spins.

Here are some of the things that can dampen your slot game experience and what you should avoid.

Know when to log off

The most important thing to make note of when playing online slots is when you should step away. Too much of anything can be bad for you in the end.

It isn’t just because you may end up depositing more than you wanted and losing money. Playing online slots for too long can cause eye strain or headaches. That is not a fun experience for any type of activity.

Do not stick to one slot game for too long

It is common knowledge that slot players have their favourite slot games. It might be because of the slots theme, it variance or RTP rate but we all go back to the familiar well.

This is not a bad thing however, playing the same online slots over and over again can get old really quickly and sour you on the slot game experience altogether.

Mix it up a bit. Play something you wouldn’t normally go for. If anything, playing new slot games might make you realise why you liked your favourites in the first place.

Do not go over budget

This ties in to the idea of knowing when to log off but it is far more important. Losing money is never fun. Whether you drop 5p down the drain or have to pay an unexpected and large bill, no one wants to waste the money that they have earned.

Whilst slot games are not a waste of money in themselves, playing for long stretches on a slot game with a low hit rate certainly is. Slot players that set a budget to play with enjoy the slot experience much more as they have an end goal.

They use up their budget and then move on. If they win something, great. If not, they haven’t exhausted an unreasonable amount of funds to do so. Setting yourself a limit is a good way to enjoy slot games all the more.

Managing expectations

Playing online slots is a form of gambling. However it is a minor form and the betting limits are low for a reason. There aren’t many slot players that have won a life changing sum of money on a single slot game.

Remember that there is more to slot games than winning money.


Slot players that are struggling to find the joy of online slots would do well to read these common mistakes. It might just renew your love of online slots.

After all, the best thing one can do is learn from your mistakes.