Scatter symbols in slots and its functions

Scatter symbol does not have a specific picture or graphics, oftentimes it is unique to a slots theme. Scattered symbols as the name implies can be scattered all about the reel. It does not have a particular arrangement pattern. The scatter symbol when it appears can bring about mini-game, free spins, and other types of bonuses.

In a slot game, the scatter symbol is a very important element in unlocking several fun bonus features in a slot game – visit Barbados Bingo. The scatter symbol is not new, but in today’s gaming, it can be used in diverse ways. Originally red cherries were the symbol of the scattered symbol.

How to know if a game has a scatter symbol

 The paytable is one important place that every gamer must visit before deciding to play a slot. Access to the paytable can be gained through the gaming screen. When the paytable icon on the gaming screen is clicked, a box icon is opened up. This box icon will give information that is peculiar to that slot. It includes information on bonuses, scatters as well as wild. Once the paytable of a game is read beforehand it prepares the player and also gives adequate information on how those symbols work. They working individually or they work when they are combined with other elements.

Functions of the scatter symbol

For a win to occur the scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reel. It doesn’t need to appear on the win line.

  •         The scatter symbol cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.
  •         The rules of scatter symbols in games are different. It is essential that a player examines the Payline of a game before playing.
  •         Three or more scattered symbols can appear on the reel. As a result of this wins can be multiplied in several folds.
  •         There exists a scatter icon that can be used to trigger the bonus game. You trigger a feature of the slot if you get three scatters on the Payline.
  •         Scatters symbols are one of the biggest paying symbols in a slot game.

Types of scatter slot games

  •         Unique scatter
  •         Wild scatter
  •         Scatter pays

Reasons for including Scatter symbols in slot games

Below we will be highlighting some reasons why developers of the game include scatter symbols in slot games.

  •         Special feature- developers of gave include Scattered symbols in games so their gamers can have access to special features. Such special features include free spins, bonuses, and interactive mini-games.
  •         Players satisfaction- developers of games include scattered symbols so that their players can have maximum satisfaction while gaming. It is natural that a gamer will be a regular visitor to a slot that presents him with a higher probability of winning.

·         Extra free spins bonuses- as gaming keeps advancing so do the innovations of the developers. The scattered symbols are another avenue where the developers can bring out their innovation in terms of bonuses and free spins.