Recording Sessions are on the way thanks to the OGS Capital

By Mitch Rice

For the love of music, we try everything that comes to our mind. From the point of CD burning to create song mashups and whatnot. You’ve got to admit, creating music is so much fun. Besides the fun note, it can become a serious money maker. You may not even need a big shot studio to do so but with proper planning, you can begin the recording music sessions even at your home. 

Building a recording studio is huge! Right?

Yeah probably, but if you want to play it the smart way you can do so with the proper planning. Sure there are plenty of ideas you can always copy, but where’s the fun in doing that? Be creative. You need to get started with a direction. So you better gear up with the business plan makers to help you in your minuscule endeavor. 

Yes, you need to if you want to make the recording sessions work right on time. Doesn’t matter the size or the location. As long as you have the motive and enough essentials you are good to go. 

So here we go!

  1. Live music is viral 

We have all seen various music fests.k.a. The live sessions. Youtube is the place for all types of singers, recording artists, and whatnot, you just need enough followers to make your live music go viral. 

Before you can reach this goal you need to begin setting the business goal. Your starting point and where you expect to see yourself in the future will matter. So if you include live music sessions in your plan, and you plan to invite a few guest singers too you better start increasing your followers. 

Recorded music works fine too 

In the beginning going viral might not be the right choice. But recording music is worth a shot. You can begin by singing the popular covers. You will find mega influencers this way on Youtube. Once you get the hits you can actually start making money. 

Only you will need to up your game. Besides music, you will need to engage with your followers too in a short video so that they can relate with you. You can be a real KPI in the making. 

Count the expenses

Ust because you plan to go digital doesn’t mean it would not cost you – because it will. Joining hands with your besties for the recording session still means you need to use the equipment for recording and editing and so on. The business plan you have must indicate how you will deal with the expenses. Making or recreating music is no joke folks.

Also, do not forget the marketing expenses that would go into creating the music. 

Make rent 

So you might not be planning to rent the recording studio even the simple one when you are not utilizing it yourself. That’s a smart investment and a much-needed one too if you ask me. Clients can pay standard rates for using the studio. 

So you have the chance to excel at your skills and still meet the expenses at both ends.