Top 5 Best Music Themes in Online Slots

By Mitch Rice

Did you ever play a slot game which you liked for its mechanics, theme, design, and of course, a chance to win big, but one of the first things to do when you load is to – turn off the sound? We’ve all been there my friend, and we all hope that new online casinos will try to bring us the slots that aren’t becoming boring after only a few times playing them.

At the moment, we don’t see casinos which are focusing on this particular problem, probably because they don’t consider it important enough. We can only hope that the game developers will change their opinion, and until then, we will recommend the slot games with the best music currently on the market, and we guarantee, you won’t be bored and hit that turn off music button if you play these slots.

Guns n’ Roses Slot

Guns n’ Roses is a beautifully designed slot from NetEnt, that includes original soundtrack from the most popular Guns n’ Roses album, Appetite for Destruction. The game features full version of the songs Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City and Chinese Democracy. You can choose the song the game will play by pressing the set list button, at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Another neat sound effect is the winning sound – it is the roar from the audience, you may also see behind the reels.

Not only music is great in this slot. RTP is an amazing 97%, while volatility is medium, so it is definitely possible to win big here. Minimum bet is set to 0.20 coins, while 200 coins is the maximum bet so there is something for both casuals and high rollers.

Megadeth Slot

Megadeth is another iconic band that rocked the world in the 80s like Guns n’ Roses, but their fans would probably argue that Megadeth stayed genuine on the contrary to Guns. In any case, it is nice to play a slot game and win money on a branded Megadeth slot, especially if you are one of their die-hard fans.

The developer of this slot is lesser known – it is Leander games, and they created this slot in 2012. It is a bit older and you can definitely notice it when you play it, but cool features and a massive payout possibility, apart from their great music, allowed this slot to make their way on this list.

The RTP is 97%, which is way above the average for this industry. 

Jimmy Hendrix Slot

Even if you are a bit younger, and you didn’t hear for Megadeth before, you definitely heard of Jimmy Hendrix. Jimmy Hendrix is regarded as one of the best, if not the best guitarists of all time. You certainly know his greatest hits – All Along the Watchtower, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady and others, and if you didn’t hear them for a long time, well, you will be able to hear all his biggest hits by playing this slot.

The slot was created by NetEnt, almost five years ago, and this is another slot with a very good RTP – 97%. There is something with these slots with great music and excellent RTP, don’t you think? Anyway, Jimmy Hendrix slot offers lots of features, including Red Guitar re-spin. Free spins can be retriggered and everything in this game can be repeated and hopefully, replenish your pockets with quarters.

Samba Brazil Slot

For this occasion, we remembered one classic slot from almost ten years ago! It was created by Playtech, with RTP just over 95%. Clearly, this is not an amazing RTP, especially if we compare it with the previous slots we mentioned, but by all means that is not suggesting that this slot doesn’t worth playing at all.

When you load Samba Brazil, you instantly hear the sounds of Rio carnival, which takes you to Brazilian crowded streets or sandy beaches. This slot has medium to high volatility, so there is still a chance to win big, which is why we will recommend this slot to you.

Unfortunately, slot mechanics, design and the overall feel of the slot are not amazing, but what did you expect from the slot almost ten years old?

Terminator 2 Slot

Microgaming recently revamped their previous classic release, Terminator 2. Terminator 2 is one of the most popular classic movies back in the 80s. After Terminator 1, which make Arnold Schwarzenegger famous, in Terminator 2 he returned as the good guy and fought against newer Terminator model, T-1000.

While playing this slot, you will hear the iconic Terminator 2 theme, which would play continuously. The most interesting thing about this video slot is related to its symbols. Every main symbol is represented by one of the characters in the movie. Also, when you win, the characters involved in it come to life! They are animated, and you will see one of the most recognizable themes in movie.

It is a big shame that we don’t have games based on other movies from the Terminator franchise, but we still can enjoy in this one, and its wonderful music.


There aren’t many slots with great music nowadays. Sadly, it seems that online casino games providers don’t care much about that aspect of the game. But, as we saw, they definitely should!

First, many players are even quitting the games they are irradiated with non-inventive setup. And it is true, listening to the one song over and over again can be tiresome, and even irritating. That’s why many players opt for muting the game, and they miss, we can’t say the most important aspect of the game is listening to music.

On the other hand, when playing the beautifully designed Guns n’ Roses slot, you can’t help yourself and enjoy in those greatest hits, while spinning the reels.

All in all, you should definitely pay more attention to the sound aspect of the game and appreciate the fact that you have an option of playing such games nowadays is something we always appreciate.