Five Footballers Who Have Successfully Turned to Music

By Mitch Rice

When you think of footballers, you think of people who are successful on the pitch and dedicate their entire life to that. When they finish their playing careers, many stay in the game, moving into punditry, coaching, analysing or something else related to the game.

However, both during their careers and after, some take a different approach and that has led some people to go down the music route. We have seen to much shock that people we often bet on using football betting apps are now impressing us with music, amongst many other things.

Here are five footballers who have hit the musical high notes alongside their playing career.

Jurgen Locadia

At the same time that Locadia was moving to Brighton for a club record fee, he was also putting time and effort into his musical career. He’s one of the rare players who have taken their music to the next level at the same time as playing, releasing singles, being signed to a record label and certainly making a name for himself.

John Barnes

Famous for two songs during his playing career, John Barnes is a name that football fans will instantly put together with music. He played his part recording both The Anfield Rap and World In Motion, released back in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

The expectation was that Barnes would go on to work alongside a musician after his playing career and make more music but so far that has not happened.

Paul Gascoigne

Famous for his on-field football play just as much as his antics off the field, there is a third element of fame for Gazza that everyone remembers. This is of course his music, and while it may have only been a short career, it did bring success. Fog on the Tyne was released by Gascoigne and went all the way to number two in the UK charts, though since then it has all been quiet for the master midfielder.

Vinnie Jones

Famed for what he has done after football as much as his career as a player, Jones has turned his hand to acting, famously appearing in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels back in 1998. Singing was always a passion for Jones, despite his image, and he gave that a go too, releasing an album of songs he had recorded.

The album didn’t do too well though, and Jones has since returned to try and continue his acting career.

Glenn Hoddle & Chris Waddle

Hoddle and Waddle were a fantastic pair of footballers on the field, and when playing together they worked as a great tandem. They took that to a different level off the field by forming a singing duet. They didn’t last long though, releasing just two songs in the UK, with only the first of those, Diamond Lights, bringing them any kind of success in the charts, hitting a best of number 12.

These two made far bigger waves on the field when playing together for the likes of Tottenham.